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Adjusting Cache Aging for Repository Objects

SQL Server 2000

Adjusting Cache Aging for Repository Objects

The repository engine cache aging mechanism ensures that the engine's client cache is automatically refreshed periodically so that clients can see up-to-date values. The mechanism also affects performance, because the next access to an aged-out entry must be fetched again from the database system.

A new mechanism for aging out rows of different types in the repository engine is used in version 3.0. Different strategies are offered for rows that are referenced, recently used, cached, and static. Ageout strategies are specified based on IReposOptions options that you set. These options include OPT_AGEOUT, OPT_TIM_AGEOUT, and OPT_PRELOAD_AGEOUT. For more information about option values and descriptions, see IReposOptions Options Table.

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