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Backup Formats

All media used for a backup or restore operation use a standard backup format called Microsoft® Tape Format (MTF). MTF enables Microsoft SQL Server™ backups to coexist on the same media as backups that are not SQL Server backups (foreign backup sets), provided that the backups use MTF. For example, SQL Server backups can exist on the same media as Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 and Windows® 2000 backups.

Integrating any backups supporting MTF onto a single tape reduces backup media storage requirements, costs, and administrative overhead because the same tape media can be used to store different backups from different applications.

All media begins with a media header describing the media. The media header is usually written one time and remains intact for the life of the media. This allows each piece of media to be tracked. The media header can contain a media name, the name given to the particular media, and is assigned by the first person using the media. Consistent use of media names helps identify the media and prevent errors.

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