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How to run an unattended installation of SQL Server 2000 (Command Prompt)

SQL Server 2000

You can run an unattended installation by using sample batch files and setup initialization files included on the Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 compact disc. Or, you can run the Setup program directly from the command prompt in the appropriate directory for the edition of SQL Server you want to install, using arguments as needed.

To run an unattended installation using ready-made batch files

  1. Locate the .bat and .iss files in the root directory of your SQL Server 2000 compact disc.

  2. View the .bat and associated .iss files, and modify if necessary. For more information, see Creating a Specialized Setup File.

  3. Run the appropriate batch and setup files from the command prompt:
    • For a standard unattended installation, run Sqlins.bat.

    • For a client-only unattended installation, run Sqlcli.bat.

    • For a custom unattended installation, run Sqlcst.bat.

To run an unattended installation directly from the command prompt

  1. Run Setupsql.exe from the Setup directory in the appropriate architecture directory.

  2. Use arguments as needed:
-f1 <initialization file path>
Selects an unattended setup initialization file.
start /wait command (with the -SMS option)
Returns control to the command prompt only after SQL Server Setup completes.
-s flag
Causes the Setup program to run in silent mode with no user interface.

For examples of command prompt options and arguments, see the sample .bat files on your SQL Server 2000 compact disc.

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