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Administrative Tasks

SQL Server 2000

These topics contain information you should read before performing administrative tasks or procedures in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services for the first time. Where applicable, topics contain links to step-by-step procedures. For more information about specific objects in Analysis Services and how they work together, see Analysis Services Architecture.

Topic Description
Configuring Analysis Servers Contains information about registering servers, setting server properties, migrating repositories, and configuring servers for access from the Internet.
Creating Prerequisite Objects for Cubes Contains information about creating databases, specifying data sources, and creating dimensions.
Building and Processing Cubes Describes different methods of building cubes and ways of browsing data before and after processing the cubes for use.
Creating Security Roles Provides background information about creating roles and rules for different levels of security.
Managing Partitions Contains information about creating and merging partitions.
Enhancing Dimensions with Optional Features Describes different ways of including additional information and creating customized views of dimension data, including member properties, custom member formulas, and member groups.
Enhancing Cubes with Optional Features Describes working with specialized types of cube data and configurations, including calculated members, named sets, actions, write-enabled cubes, and drillthrough.
Updating Cubes and Dimensions Describes different methods for updating and rebuilding cube and dimension data and structure.
Building and Using Data Mining Models Contains information about working with mining models.
Archiving, Restoring, and Copying Data Contains information about archiving and restoring databases and copying and pasting objects in Analysis Manager.
Analyzing and Optimizing Performance Describes how to use Analysis Manager to produce reports of query history and optimize storage and performance based on that history.
Automating and Scheduling Administrative Tasks Describes how to use Data Transformation Services (DTS) and batch files to perform certain administrative tasks in Analysis Services.

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