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SQL Server CE Overview

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition 2.0 (SQL Server CE) extends Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft Windows CE-based mobile devices, while providing developers with a consistent programming model for rapid application development. SQL Server CE delivers essential relational database functionality in a small footprint: a robust data store; an optimizing query processor; and reliable, scalable connectivity capabilities.

This section provides an overview of the SQL Server CE environment, including information about components, architecture, database engine, connectivity, and security. For complete information, see the relevant sections in this documentation.

The following table lists the main sections of SQL Server CE Books Online.

Section Description
Installing SQL Server CE Describes the hardware and software requirements for SQL Server CE and how to install the SQL Server CE platform.
Configuring Security for Connectivity Describes how to configure a connection between SQL Server and Windows CE-based applications.
Managing Connectivity Provides information about specific connectivity solutions, including remote data access (RDA) and replication.
Working with SQL Server CE Databases Provides information about how to create and work with SQL Server CE databases, and how to access data in these databases.
Using SQL Server CE Query Analyzer Describes the user interface of SQL Server CE Query Analyzer and how you can use these features to perform database tasks.
SQL Reference for SQL Server CE Provides reference for the SQL grammar used to query or change data in SQL Server CE databases.
Building Applications Provides programming reference for Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Data Providers, Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects for Windows CE (ADOCE), replication, RDA, and error handling.
Deploying Applications Describes how to package and distribute SQL Server CE-based applications.
Sample Applications Provides sample applications that demonstrate the use of replication and RDA connectivity in the Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET and the Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools development environments.
Troubleshooting Provides troubleshooting information and error message descriptions for connectivity, Windows security, and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) security.
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