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Web Services (SOAP) Support in SQLXML

SQL Server 2000

Web services support in Microsoft® SQLXML 3.0 exposes Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 as a Web service that offers SQL Server functionality to the clients. You can send SOAP HTTP requests to a server that is running SQLXML 3.0 to execute stored procedures, user-defined functions (UDFs), and templates.

For example, you can use Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET to access a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) service definition that is provided by SQLXML to automatically generate all of the classes that are necessary to access SQL Server as a Web service, thus making it easy to call stored procedures and templates. In general, a client can be any client that can send and process SOAP messages (for example, it could also be a SOAP Toolkit 2.0 client).

It is assumed that you are familiar with SOAP and related technologies. To learn more about these technologies, see the following specifications at:

The following topics provide the necessary information for sending SOAP requests to a server computer that is running SQLXML:

Web Services (SOAP Support) Security Issues

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