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Additional eMbedded Visual Tools Sample Applications

SQL Server 2000

The four smaller sample applications described in this topic were developed by using Microsoft® eMbedded Visual Tools. The applications are designed to demonstrate particular areas of functionality rather than representing a complete application such as the Northwind Remote Salesforce applications. Before you use these sample applications, see Setup Instructions for eMbedded Visual Tools Applications.

Replication and Remote Data Access Sample Applications

The Microsoft eMbedded Visual Basic® (evbReplRdaPPC) and Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++® (evcReplRdaHPC) sample applications show how to invoke Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE) replication and remote data access (RDA). These sample applications work essentially the same way. They display a menu that lists each of the replication and RDA method calls. When you select one of the method calls, the application displays a form containing the properties and parameters for that method. After you enter the values for the properties and parameters and click OK, the sample application calls the replication or RDA method with the values you specify. This provides a simple way for you to experiment with replication and RDA method calls.

The evbReplRdaPPC application is designed for Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002-based devices and the Pocket PC 2002 emulator. The evcReplRdaHPC application is designed for Pocket PC 2000 and Handheld PC 2000 devices. For other devices, you can modify the user interface of the sample application.

For more information, see the Readme files in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server CE 2.0\Samples\eVB\eVBReplRdaPPC and C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server CE 2.0\Samples\eVC\ReplRdaHPC.

Client Store and Remote Data Access Simple Sample Application

The eMbedded Visual Basic sample application (evbSimpleRDA) shows how to use SQL Server CE as a local store and connect to SQL Server through the SQL Server CE remote data access (RDA) object model. This sample application also illustrates some basic features of creating databases by using Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects Extensions for Data Definition Language (DDL) and Security (ADOXCE) and working with Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects for Windows CE 3.1 (ADOCE) recordset objects.

The sample focuses on property initialization, data synchronization, and local store querying with each activity on a separate tab in the application window. Using this application, you can create and populate local tables based on synchronization commands involving server objects. The newly created tables can then be inspected using local query processing and data navigation. In addition, the application can work in a completely local mode and allows native SQL Server CE DDL and DML commands. By using both the local and RDA synchronization functionality, you can explore the capabilities of the SQL Server CE local client engine and RDA connectivity object.

For more information, see the Readme file in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server CE 2.0\Samples\eVB\SimpleRDA.

OLE DB Sample Application

The eMbedded Visual C++ sample application (NorthwindOleDb) shows the use of OLE DB to create and interact with a SQL Server CE database. The application creates a database through OLE DB, creates a table, inserts data using SQL statements, and retrieves data from the database by using IRowsetSeek.

For more information, see the Readme file in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server CE 2.0\Samples\eVC\NorthwindOleDb.

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