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Accessing SQL Server CE Databases

SQL Server 2000

The Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE) database engine provides the following features for accessing SQL Server CE databases:

  • Parameterized queries

    Create queries with parameters and use these queries many times. The parameters are placeholders for values supplied at run time. For more information, see Using Parameters in Queries.

  • Intrinsic functions

    Use mathematical, string, and system functions in your queries to perform operations and return scalar values. For more information, see Functions.

  • UNION operator

    Obtain a single result set from a combination of two or more SELECT statements. For more information, see UNION.

  • SQL Server CE Query Analyzer

    Use the SQL syntax in the SQL Server CE Query Analyzer to access and modify databases. For more information, see Using SQL Server CE Query Analyzer.

For information about the SQL grammar, see SQL Reference for SQL Server CE. For more information about Transact-SQL, see SQL Server Books Online in the MSDN® Library at this Microsoft Web site.

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