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SQL Server 2000
Column_name Data type Nullable Default Check Key/index
pub_id char(4) no PK, clust., FK publishers(pub_id)
logo image yes
pr_info text yes

This table shows the contents of the pub_info table.

pub_id logo 1 pr_info 2
0736 Newmoon.bmp This is sample text data for New Moon Books, publisher 0736 in the pubs database. New Moon Books is located in Boston, Massachusetts.
0877 Binnet.bmp This is sample text data for Binnet & Hardley, publisher 0877 in the pubs database. Binnet & Hardley is located in Washington, D.C.
1389 Algodata.bmp This is sample text data for Algodata Infosystems, publisher 1389 in the pubs database. Algodata Infosystems is located in Berkeley, California.
1622 5lakes.bmp This is sample text data for Five Lakes Publishing, publisher 1622 in the pubs database. Five Lakes Publishing is located in Chicago, Illinois.
1756 Ramona.bmp This is sample text data for Ramona Publishers, publisher 1756 in the pubs database. Ramona Publishers is located in Dallas, Texas.
9901 Gggg.bmp This is sample text data for GGG&G, publisher 9901 in the pubs database. GGG&G is located in München, Germany.
9952 Scootney.bmp This is sample text data for Scootney Books, publisher 9952 in the pubs database. Scootney Books is located in New York City, New York.
9999 Lucerne.bmp This is sample text data for Lucerne Publishing, publisher 9999 in the pubs database. Lucerne Publishing is located in Paris, France.

1  The information shown here is not the actual data. It is the file name from which the bitmap (image data) was loaded.
2  The text shown here is incomplete. When displaying text data, the display is limited to a finite number of characters. This table shows the first 120 characters of the text column.

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