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SQL Server 2000
Column_name Data type Nullable Default Check Key/index
stor_id char(4) no PK, clust.
stor_name varchar(40) yes
stor_address varchar(40) yes
city varchar(20) yes
state char(2) yes
zip char(5) yes


This table shows the contents of the stores table.

stor_id stor_name stor_address city state zip
6380 Eric the Read Books 788 Catamaugus Ave. Seattle WA 98056
7066 Barnum's 567 Pasadena Ave. Tustin CA 92789
7067 News & Brews 577 First St. Los Gatos CA 96745
7131 Doc-U-Mat: Quality Laundry and Books 24-A Avrogado Way Remulade WA 98014
7896 Fricative Bookshop 89 Madison St. Fremont CA 90019
8042 Bookbeat 679 Carson St. Portland OR 89076


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