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Northwind Remote Salesforce Replication Sample Application

SQL Server 2000

This sample Microsoft® eMbedded Visual Basic® application helps you understand how Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE) can be combined with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and replication to form a useful mobile sales route application. The code for the application is commented, so you can easily and freely extrapolate it for your own use. When you select Development Tools during setup, the sample application is installed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server CE 2.0\Samples\eVB\Northwind_Repl. Before you use the sample application, see Setup Instructions for eMbedded Visual Tools Applications.

The Northwind Remote Salesforce replication sample application simulates a sales representative of the Northwind Trading Company using a Pocket PC to take orders from customers and synchronizing the new orders back to the SQL Server database. The application demonstrates a limited set of features and functionality because the objective is to highlight the replication connectivity model and show some of the advanced storage engine features, such as referential integrity with cascading deletes, robust SQL DML support, and cursors.

Note  To fully support both the replication and remote data access (RDA) sample applications coexisting on the server while using ranged identity management for all identity columns, the replication sample application uses a duplicated Northwind database called Nwind_SQLCE. This database is created when the Setuprepl.bat file is run on the server. Although both applications use separate server databases, the application data is identical.

In a typical scenario, a sales representative uses replication to synchronize customer and order information from the SQL Server 2000 Nwind_SQLCE database to the Pocket PC. Customer and order data is stored on the Pocket PC in a SQL Server CE database. New order information can be entered, and order history reviewed on the copy of the Nwind_SQLCE database on the Pocket PC (called the subscription database). When connectivity becomes available, data in the SQL Server CE database can be synchronized with the SQL Server database by using the Replication object. Because replication uses HTTP as the transport protocol, connectivity can take the form of a network connection between the Pocket PC and SQL Server through Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

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