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InternetPassword Property (Replication)

SQL Server 2000

InternetPassword Property (Replication)

The InternetPassword property specifies the Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) password used when connecting to the SQL Server CE Server Agent.

Applies To

SQL Server CE Replication object

object.InternetPassword [= value]
Part Description
object SQL Server CE Replication object
value IIS password string. The default is no password.
Data Type




Prototype eVC++
HRESULT get_InternetPassword(BSTR *pVal);
HRESULT put_InternetPassword(BSTR newVal);

InternetPassword is required if the SQL Server CE Server Agent is configured to use Basic authentication or Integrated Windows authentication. When Integrated Windows authentication is used, InternetPassword is not passed across the network.

When using Basic authentication, you should configure IIS to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Private Communication Technology (PCT) encryption to safeguard the user's password. In the absence of SSL or PCT encryption, Basic authentication transmits passwords across the network in clear text form. This is unsafe; therefore, we strongly recommend that you always use SSL or PCT encryption to safeguard passwords when using Basic authentication.

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