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SubscriberConnectionString Property (Replication)

SQL Server 2000

SubscriberConnectionString Property (Replication)

The SubscriberConnectionString property specifies the OLE DB connection string for the Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE) database on the Microsoft Windows CE-based device.

Applies To

SQL Server CE Replication object


object.SubscriberConnectionString [= value]

Part Description
object SQL Server CE Replication object
value OLE DB connection string for the SQL Server CE database

The connection properties listed in the following table are supported. All other connection properties are ignored.

Property Required or optional Description
Provider Optional Specifies the name of the data source provider. If the provider is not specified, Microsoft.sqlserver.oledb.ce.2.0 is assumed.
Data Source Required Specifies the name of the database. By convention, you should name the SQL Server CE databases with the file extension .sdf.
Locale Identifier Optional Specifies the database locale, which specifies the collation order for string comparisons in the database.
This property is meaningful only when calling AddSubscription(CREATE_DATABASE). The default database locale is Latin1_General (0x00000409). For other supported values, see Collate.
SSCE:Database Password Optional Specifies the database password.
This property must be specified if the database was created with a password.
To create a database with a password, set this property and call AddSubscription(CREATE_DATABASE).
SSCE:Encrypt Database Optional Specifies whether a newly created database should be encrypted.
This property is only meaningful when calling AddSubscription(CREATE_DATABASE). The created database is encrypted when this Boolean property is TRUE and a database password is specified.

Locale Identifier values are supported when creating a new database using the AddSubscription method. Use the Unique LCID for the value of Locale Identifier. To find a list of Unique LCID values, see Collate. You must ensure that the locale is supported on the device on which the database is being created.

Data Type




Prototype eVC++
HRESULT get_SubscriberConnectionString(BSTR *pVal);
HRESULT put_SubscriberConnectionString(BSTR newVal);

object.SubscriberConnectionString = "Data Source=\ssce.sdf; Locale Identifier=0x00000409; SSCE:Database Password=mypassword; SSCE:Encrypt Database=TRUE"

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