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SQL Server 2000

Contains one row for each alert. An alert is a message sent in response to an event. An alert can forward messages beyond the Microsoft® SQL Server™ environment, and an alert can be an e-mail or pager message. An alert also can generate a task.

Column name Data type Description
id int Alert ID.
name sysname Alert name.
event_source nvarchar(100) Source of the event: SQL Server.
event_category_id int Reserved for future use.
event_id int Reserved for future use.
message_id int User-defined message ID or reference to sysmessages message that triggers this alert.
severity int Severity that triggers this alert.
enabled tinyint Status of the alert:

0 = Disabled.
1 = Enabled.

int Wait period, in seconds, between notifications for this alert.
last_occurrence_date int Last occurrence (date) of the alert.
last_occurrence_time int Last occurrence (time of day) of the alert.
last_response_date int Last notification (date) of the alert.
last_response_time int Last notification (time of day) of the alert.
notification_message nvarchar(512) Additional information sent with the alert.
tinyint Bitmask representing whether the event description is sent by either or both:

1 = E-mail.
2 = Pager.

database_name sysname Database in which this alert must occur to trigger this alert.
event_description_keyword nvarchar(100) Pattern the error must match in order for the alert to trigger.
occurrence_count int Number of occurrences for this alert.
count_reset_date int Day (date) count will be reset to 0.
count_reset_time int Time of day count will be reset to 0.
job_id uniqueidentifier ID of the task executed when this alert occurs.
has_notification int Number of operators who receive e-mail notification when alert occurs.
flags int Reserved.
performance_condition nvarchar(512) Reserved.
category_id int Reserved.

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