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SQL Server 2000

Contains a row for each article defined in the local database. This table is stored in the published database.

Column name Data type Description
artid int Identity column that provides a unique ID number for the article.
columns varbinary(32) Columns in the tables that are being published.
creation_script nvarchar(255) Schema script for the article.
del_cmd nvarchar(255) Command to execute upon DELETE; otherwise, construct from the log.
description nvarchar(255) Descriptive entry for the article.
dest_table sysname Name of the destination table.
filter int Stored procedure ID, used for horizontal partitioning.
filter_clause ntext WHERE clause of the article, used for horizontal filtering.
ins_cmd nvarchar(255) Command to execute upon INSERT; otherwise, construct from the log.
name sysname Name associated with the article, unique within the publication.
objid int Published table object ID.
pubid int ID of the publication to which the article belongs.
pre_creation_cmd tinyint Pre creation command for DROP TABLE, DELETE TABLE, or TRUNCATE:

0 = None .
1 = DROP.

status tinyint Bitmask of the article options. status is tinyint, and can be one of these values:

0 = No additional properties.
8 = Include the column name in INSERT statements.
16 (default) = Use parameterized statements.
24 = Both include the column name in INSERT statements and use parameterized statements.

sync_objid int ID of the table or view that represents the article definition.
type tinyint Type of article:

1 = Log-based article.
3 = Log-based article with manual filter.
5 = Log-based article with manual view.
7 = Log-based article with manual filter and manual view.

upd_cmd nvarchar(255) Command to execute upon UPDATE; otherwise, construct from the log.
schema_option binary(8) Indicates what is to be scripted out.
dest_owner sysname Owner of the table at the destination database.

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