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SQL Server 2000

Under special circumstances, contains rows corresponding to the files in a database. This table is stored in the master database.

Column name Data type Description
fileid smallint File identification number which is unique for each database.
groupid smallint Filegroup identification number.
size int File size, in 8-KB pages.
maxsize int Maximum file size (in 8-KB pages). A value of 0 indicates no growth, and a value of -1 indicates that the file should grow until the disk is full.
growth int Growth size of the database. A value of 0 indicates no growth. Can be either the number of pages or the percentage of file size, depending on the value of status. If status is 0x100000, then growth is the percentage of file size; otherwise, it is the number of pages.
status int For internal use only.
perf int Reserved.
dbid smallint Database identification number of the database to which this file belongs.
name nchar(128) Logical name of the file.
filename nchar(260) Name of the physical device, including the full path of the file.

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