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SQL Server 2000

Contains one row for each merge article defined in the local database. This table is stored in the publication database.

Column name Data type Description
name sysname Name of the article.
type tinyint Article type.
objid int Object identifier.
sync_objid int Object ID of the view representing the synchronized data set.
view_type tinyint Type of view:

0 = Not a view; use all of base object.
1 = Permanent view.
2 = Temporary view.

artid uniqueidentifier Identity column used to provide a unique identification number for the given article. artid is derived from sysobjects.srcid.
description nvarchar(255) Brief description of the article.
nvarchar(10) Default action to take when the article is created in the subscription database:

None = If the table already exists at the Subscriber, no action is taken.
Delete = Issues a delete based on the WHERE clause in the subset filter.
Drop (default) = Drops the table before re-creating it.
Truncate = Same as delete, but deletes pages instead of rows. However, does not take a WHERE clause.

pubid uniqueidentifier ID of the publication to which the current article belongs.
nickname int Nickname mapping for article identification.
column_tracking int Indicates whether column tracking is implemented for the article.
status tinyint Bitmap used to indicate the status of the article.
conflict_table sysname Name of the local table that contains the conflicting records for the current article. This table is supplied for information only, and its contents may be modified or deleted by custom conflict resolution routines or directly by the administrator.
creation_script nvarchar(255) Creation script for this article.
conflict_script nvarchar(255) Conflict script for this article.
article_resolver nvarchar(255) Custom row-level conflict resolver for this article.
ins_conflict_proc sysname Procedure used to write conflict to conflict_table.
insert_proc sysname Procedure used by the default conflict resolver to insert rows during synchronization.
update_proc sysname Procedure used by the default conflict resolver to update rows during synchronization.
select_proc sysname Name of an automatically generated stored procedure that the Merge Agent uses to accomplish locking, and finding columns and rows for an article.
schema_option binary(8) Indicates what is to be scripted out.
sysname Name of the table created at the Subscriber.
destination_owner sysname Name of the owner of the destination object.
resolver_clsid nvarchar(1000) ID of the custom conflict resolver.
nvarchar(2000) Filter clause for this article.
int Number of missing columns.
missing_cols varbinary(128) Bitmap of missing columns.
excluded_cols varbinary(128) Bitmap of the columns excluded from the article when it is sent to the Subscriber.
excluded_col_count int Number of columns excluded.
columns varbinary(128) Reserved for future use.
resolver_info sysname Storage for additional information required by custom conflict resolvers.
view_sel_proc nvarchar(290) The name of a stored procedure that the Merge Agent uses for doing the initial population of an article in a dynamically filtered publication, and for enumerating changed rows in any filtered publication.
gen_cur int Generate number for local changes to the base table of an article.
vertical_partition int Specifies whether column filtering is enabled on a table article. 0 indicates there is no vertical filtering and publishes all columns.
identity_support int Specifies whether automatic identity range handling is enabled when queued updating is used. 0 means that there is no identity range support.
before_image_objid int Tracking table object ID. The tracking table contains certain key column values when a publication is created with @keep_partition_changes = true.
before_view_objid int Object ID of a view table. The view is on a table that tracks whether a row belonged at a particular Subscriber before it was deleted or updated. Applies only when a publication is created with @keep_partition_changes = true.
verify_resolver_signature int Specifies whether a digital signature is verified before using a resolver in merge replication:

0 = Signature will not be verified.
1 = Signature will be verified to see whether it is from a trusted source.

allow_interactive_resolver bit Specifies whether the use of the Interactive Resolver on an article is enabled. 1 specifies that the Interactive Resolver will be used on the article.
fast_multicol_updateproc bit Specifies whether the Merge Agent has been enabled to apply changes to multiple columns in the same row in one UPDATE statement.

0 = Issues a separate UPDATE for each column changed.
1 = Issued on UPDATE statement which causes updates to occur to multiple columns in one statement.

check_permissions int Bitmap of the table-level permissions that will be verified when the Merge Agent applies changes to the Publisher. check_permissions can have one of these values:

0x00 = Permissions will not be checked.
0x10 = Checks permissions at the Publisher before INSERTs made at a Subscriber can be uploaded.
0x20 = Checks permissions at the Publisher before UPDATEs made at a Subscriber can be uploaded.
0x40 = Checks permissions at the Publisher before DELETEs made at a Subscriber can be uploaded.

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