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SQL Server 2000

Contains a Microsoft® SQL Server™ representation of the internal performance counters that can be displayed through the Windows NT Performance Monitor.

Note  The Windows NT Performance Monitor is available only when using Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 as the operating system.

Performance condition alerts are only available for the first 99 databases. Any databases created after the first 99 databases will not be included in the sysperfinfo system table, and using the sp_add_alert procedure will return an error.

Column name Data type Description
object_name nchar(128) Performance object name, such as SQL Server: Lock Manager or SQL Server: Buffer Manager.
counter_name nchar(128) Name of the performance counter within the object, such as Page Requests or Locks Requested.
instance_name nchar(128) Named instance of the counter. For example, there are counters maintained for each type of lock, such as Table, Page, Key, and so on. The instance name distinguishes between similar counters.
cntr_value int Actual counter value. In most cases, this will be a level or monotonically increasing counter that counts occurrences of the instance event.
cntr_type int Type of counter as defined by the Windows NT 4.0 performance architecture.

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