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Authentication Mode (64-bit)

SQL Server 2000

  This topic applies only to SQL Server 2000 (64-bit).

Use the Authentication Mode page of the Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 (64-bit) Installation Wizard to choose the security (authentication) mode for this installation. If you select Mixed Mode, you can enter and confirm the SQL Server system administrator (sa) password. After a device completes a successful connection to SQL Server, the security mechanism is the same for both modes.


Windows Authentication Mode

When a user connects through a Microsoft Windows® user account, SQL Server validates the account name and password using information in the Windows operating system. This is the recommended authentication mode.

Security Note  When possible, use Windows Authentication.

Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication)

Allows users to connect using Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. Users who connect through a Windows user account can make use of trusted connections (connections validated by Windows) in either Windows Authentication Mode or Mixed Mode.

Note   SQL Server Authentication is used for validating SQL Server login accounts. SQL Server Authentication is provided for backward compatibility only. Microsoft recommends use of Windows Authentication mode.

Enter Password

Enter and confirm the system administrator (sa) login for SQL Server Authentication. SQL Server passwords can contain from 1 to 128 characters, including any combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. If you choose Mixed Mode authentication, you must enter a password before you can continue to the next page of the Installation Wizard.

If you leave the sa password field blank, the Installation Wizard launches a confirmation dialog box when you continue Setup. This dialog box recommends that you set a strong password to secure your database server, even if you are using Windows Authentication. To set a non-blank password, click No on the confirmation dialog box. You will return to the Authentication Mode page where you can set your sa password. To leave your sa password blank and proceed with Setup, click Yes on the confirmation dialog box to confirm your choice to set a blank sa password. The Installation Wizard will then proceed with Setup.

Caution  Leaving the sa login password blank is strongly discouraged, because users can then connect to SQL Server as administrators, risking inadvertent or malicious data corruption or loss.

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