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User Interface Reference (64-bit)

SQL Server 2000

  This topic applies only to SQL Server 2000 (64-bit).

This section describes the installation options of the Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 (64-bit) Installation Wizard. Options include installing the SQL Server relational database engine, Analysis Services, installing a failover cluster, or changing or removing a current installation. The Installation Wizard has the following pages.

Topic Description
Setup Mode (64-bit) Describes choosing between a new installation and working with an existing one
Registration Information (64-bit) Covers the product registration options for SQL Server
Feature Selection (64-bit) Describes how to add and remove SQL Server features
Instance Name (64-bit) Outlines guidelines for naming instances
Service Account (64-bit) Describes how to assign login accounts to SQL Server services
Authentication Mode (64-bit) Discusses security options for your installation
Collation Settings (64-bit) Covers options for controlling language and sort order in SQL Server
Licensing Mode (64-bit) Describes licensing mode options
Backward Compatibility (64-bit) Describes backward compatibility considerations for cross-database ownership chaining
Error Reporting (64-bit) Describes error reporting options for SQL Server components
Virtual Server Name (64-bit) Describes how to name a failover cluster
Cluster Group Selection (64-bit) Covers selecting cluster group options
Failover Clustering (64-bit) Discusses failover clustering options
Configure Nodes (64-bit) Defines options for configuring cluster nodes
Remote Account Information (64-bit) Outlines options for setting up a remote account for the virtual server in a failover cluster
Installation Folders (64-bit) Discusses options for specifying where SQL Server program files and data files will be installed

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