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Service Account (64-bit)

SQL Server 2000

  This topic applies only to SQL Server 2000 (64-bit).

Use the Service Account page of the Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 (64-bit) Installation Wizard to assign a login account to these SQL Server services: SQL Server, SQL Server Agent, and Analysis Services. The actual services configured on this page depend on the features you have selected to install.

You can assign either the local system account or a domain user account to all SQL Server services. You can also configure each service account individually, and specify whether the services start automatically. The default is to use the same account for each service and to start each service automatically. To use the default setting, enter the domain name, username, and password, and then click Next.

If you want to customize settings for individual services, select the Advanced check box, and then change the settings for each service in the Service list.

Note  To change options that you set on the Service Account page at a later time, run the Services application in Control Panel.



Select this check box to assign specific login accounts to different services.

If this check box is not selected, the same account and settings are used for all SQL Server 2000 services.


Select any of the following services to customize their settings.

Select this To configure
SQL Server Service settings for the Microsoft SQL Server relational database engine
SQL Server Agent Service settings for Microsoft SQL Server Agent
Analysis Services Service settings for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Service Settings

Select service settings as required.

Use the Local System account
The local system account does not require a password to connect to SQL Server on the same computer. However, the local system account may restrict the SQL Server installation from interacting with other servers.
Use a Domain User account
A domain user account uses Windows Authentication to set up and connect to SQL Server. By default, account information appears for the domain user account currently logged on to the computer.
Accept or change the domain username.
Enter the domain password.
Accept or change the domain name assigned to the account.
Auto-start service
Select this check box to automatically start the services when your operating system is started. If the Advanced check box is cleared, this option applies to all the services; if the Advanced check box is selected, this option applies only to the service shown in the Service field.

Note  The SQL Server Agent service is dependent on SQL Server. If you select this check box separately for the SQL Server Agent, it will also be selected and dimmed for SQL Server.

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