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Configure Nodes (64-bit)

SQL Server 2000

  This topic applies only to SQL Server 2000 (64-bit).

Use the Configure Nodes page of the Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 (64-bit) Installation Wizard to select the cluster nodes to include in the virtual server's cluster definition.


Available Nodes

Displays the node(s) available to be included in the virtual server definition. Click Add to move an available node to the Selected Nodes list.

Selected Nodes

Displays the node(s) selected to be included in the virtual server definition.


Click to move the selected node from the Available Nodes list to the Selected Nodes list, thereby adding the node to the virtual server definition.


Click to remove a selected node from the Selected Nodes list. This will remove the node from the virtual server.

Required Node

Displays the required node. The required node owns the cluster group where the SQL Server data files are installed.

Unavailable Nodes

Displays a list of unavailable nodes, and the reason each node is unavailable.

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