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Analysis Services (64-bit)

SQL Server 2000

  This topic applies only to SQL Server 2000 (64-bit).

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services is a server for online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining. Analysis Services manages multidimensional cubes of data for analysis and provides rapid client access to cube information.

Setup installs only one copy of Analysis Services with a single instance of SQL Server 2000. If you run Setup again to install an additional instance of SQL Server 2000, Setup does not display Analysis Services in the feature tree. Analysis Services uses that instance of SQL Server 2000 to support its meta data repository. Analysis Services is not otherwise limited to a single instance of SQL Server 2000, and it can connect to not only any instance of SQL Server but to any ODBC or OLE DB data source.

In this release of SQL Server 2000 (64-bit), the Analysis Services management tools are not included. To administer Analysis Services remotely, use a 32-bit version of SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services installed on a 32-bit computer.

Data Files

This is a required option for the path to the Analysis server data files.

SQL Repository

Analysis Services uses SQL Server for a repository to store its object meta data (cubes, dimensions, and so on). By default, this database is located as follows:

systemdrive\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$instancename\Data\OLAPRepository.mdf

$InstanceName specifies the instance name for a named instance of SQL Server 2000 (omitted for the default instance). The SQL Repository option in Setup allows you to change the location for these data files.

When you choose to install Analysis Services, Setup installs the Analysis Services program files and the SQL Server Desktop Engine. If you choose to install both the Server Components and Analysis Server, Analysis server will use the database server program files installed with that instance of SQL Server to support its repository. If you do not wish to have the SQL Server database server and Analysis Services share the same SQL Server program files, you can install separate copies of the SQL Server program files by performing two installations, one with SQL Server only and one with Analysis Services only.

SQL Server 2000 (64-bit) Analysis Services does not include Analysis Manager. You can manage the 64-bit version of Analysis Services remotely from a 32-bit version of Analysis Manager 2000 installed on a 32-bit computer. However, to administer Analysis Server remotely, your user name must be in the Administrators group or the OLAP Administrators group on the 64-bit Windows® operating system.

Data Files

Data Files under the SQL Repository option in Setup specifies the location for the repository. Note that when installed in the same instance, the Server Components Data Files and the Analysis Services SQL Repository Data Files also use the same Installation path setting; so changing one of these settings changes the other.

Client Components

Installs the client components for Analysis Services. These are binary executables and related files for the Analysis Services client.

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