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SQL Server CE Database Engine

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE) provides:

  • SQL grammar compatible with SQL Server 2000.

    Using data definition language (DDL), you can create databases, alter tables, enforce and check referential integrity, and set default values. Using data manipulation language (DML), you can insert, update, and delete data. You can also use the SELECT statement, UNION, intrinsic functions, and parameterized queries.

  • Multiple-column indexes and matching index limits.
  • Transaction support.
  • Referential integrity.
  • 128-bit file-level encryption and password protection.
Compact Footprint

The SQL Server CE database engine occupies approximately 1.2 to 1.6 megabytes (MB) of disk space, depending on the processor of the target device. SQL Server CE supports databases up to 2 gigabytes (GB), with support for BLOBs of up to 1 GB.

For more information about the SQL Server CE database engine, see Working with SQL Server CE Databases.

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