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Understanding SQL Server CE Database Objects

SQL Server 2000

The following table specifies the maximum sizes and numbers for several database objects defined in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE) databases. Use these specifications, while applying the same concepts about database design and programming that you use in SQL Server, when you work with SQL Server CE databases.

Category Object Maximum size limitations
Storage Column name 128 characters
  Columns in a table 255
  Database password 40 characters
  Database size 2.14 gigabytes (GB)
  Database size increase 1-page to 16-page increments, depending on table size
  Identifier length 128
  Page size 4 kilobytes (KB)
  Sessions 1
  Size of BLOB (ntext and image) column 1.07 GB
  Table name 128 characters
  Table size 2.14 GB
Queries Characters in an SQL statement Unlimited
  Columns in a cursor 255
  Columns in a query Unlimited
  Columns in an ORDER BY clause 255
  Levels of nested subqueries Unlimited
  Named parameters Not supported
  Operands in a query Unlimited
  Tables in a join Unlimited

Note  For every PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, and UNIQUE constraint defined on a table, an index is created on those columns. Additionally, for every FOREIGN KEY constraint, the engine creates internally an index on the referenced table. These indexes all count against the total number of indexes allowed for a table.

BLOB columns Cannot be indexed
  Bytes in an index key 510
  Columns in an index 10
  Indexes per table 249
Constraints PRIMARY KEY, UNIQUE, and FOREIGN KEY Supported
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