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SQL Server 2000
Column_name Data type Nullable Default Check Key/index
EmployeeID int no IDENTITY (1,1) PK clust.
LastName nvarchar(20) no Nonclust.
FirstName nvarchar(10) no
Title nvarchar(30) yes
TitleOfCourtesy nvarchar(25) yes
BirthDate datetime yes yes1
HireDate datetime yes
Address nvarchar(60) yes   
City nvarchar(15) yes
Region nvarchar(15) yes
PostalCode nvarchar(10) yes Nonclust.
Country nvarchar(15) yes
HomePhone nvarchar(24) yes
Extension nvarchar(4) yes
Photo image yes
Notes ntext yes
ReportsTo int yes FK Employees(EmployeeID)
Photopath nvarchar(255) yes

1  The BirthDate CHECK constraint is defined as (BirthDate < GETDATE()).

Note  Some entries in the Address column of the Employees table contain newline characters that may affect the format of the result set columns.

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