Job registration - resource (operations resources)(form) [AX 2012]

Updated: September 16, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Production control > Periodic > Manufacturing execution > Job registration. Select a production unit or resource group, and depending on your selection click either Open production unit or Open resource group. Enter the requested credentials, and then click Log in.

Use this form to register time, material consumption, and costs for production jobs, projects, and indirect activities. Workers can be set up for different levels of registration. For example, some workers may only be able to make clock-in and clock-out registrations. Other workers may need to register every time they start and complete a job, take a break, or participate in activities that are not directly related to a production job or project activity.


The Job registration form can be configured for specific purposes and may contain different buttons and fields, depending on the setup.

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.



Manage activities

View or enter information about starting and bundling jobs, feedback, activities, and time and attendance.


View or enter attendance information and select how to display jobs in the job list.


View or enter information about the production area, and view or add attachments for jobs or projects.



Log in

Log in to the Job registration form. This button is available on the Welcome page under the following conditions:

  • This is the first registration for the worker on the current work day.

  • The worker clocked in earlier but no activity has been registered in the Job registration form for a period of time.

Clock out

Make a clock-out registration for the worker.

Start jobs

Start the selected jobs.

In progress

Give feedback on production jobs and set Job status to In progress on all the jobs you are updating.


Give feedback on production jobs and set Job status to Completed on all the jobs you are updating.


Give feedback on production jobs and set Job status to Stopped on all the jobs you are updating.


Add one or more jobs to an existing job bundle.


Register yourself as assistant to a machine.

Assist resource

Register yourself as an assistant to a resource.

Start resource jobs

Start a job scheduled on a machine.


To start jobs for a resource, you must be registered as an assistant to the resource. To register as an assistant, click the Assist resource button.

Indirect activities

Open a list of indirect activities that are used for registration.

Inventory adjustment

Create an inventory registration for materials that are not connected to a production order or a project. For example, office supplies or lubricants for a machine.

Project - fee

Create a registration regarding project expenses. For example, mileage or road tolls.

Project - item

Create a registration regarding item consumption on a project.

Take break

Make a registration for taking a break.

Switch code

Open a list of options and select one of the following:

  • Convert unpaid overtime to time off

  • Convert flex time to overtime

  • Save overtime – convert to time off

Switch user

Return to the Welcome screen, where another worker can log on to the Job registration form.


Open the Balances form, where you can view calculated registrations for the previous work day and accumulated registrations for the current work day.


Open the Logbook form, where you can view your registrations for the current work day.

Current activities

View a list of the jobs that you are currently working on.

My jobs

View scheduled jobs from production orders or projects.


View production jobs for the selected production area.


View a list of project activities.

Selected jobs

View selected jobs.


Open the Materials form, where you can view or print the BOM for the selected production job.

Production area

Open the Select resource and action form, where you can select a different production area.


View attachments for the selected job.

Attendance overview

Open the Attendance form, where you can view current attendance for a calculation group.

The fields in this form vary depending on the job types that are displayed in the job list. For example, production jobs or project activities. The fields that are described in this table are for a job list that displays production jobs.



Check box in the left column in the table.

Select the check box for each job that you want to start.

High priority

A symbol in this field indicates that the job has been set to high priority.

Reference ID

The job identification regarding production, project, or indirect activity category.


A description of the job or task.


A detailed name of the production job.

Started quantity

The number of items that are started on the production job.

Start quantity

Enter the number of items that you want to start producing on the selected production job.

Job type

The job type of the production job. For example, Setup or Process.

Job status

The status of the production job. For example, In progress or Stopped.

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