SSO Server

The Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) server can perform any of the following tasks:

  • Functions as the master secret server. The master secret server holds a persisted copy of the master secret, or key, used to encrypt all the credentials in the SSO system. Though the master secret server can act as a server for lookups and administration, it is recommended to use this server to act only as a master secret server for security reasons. For more information about the functions the master secret server performs, see Master Secret Server.

  • Performs administrative operations. SSO administrators can use any of the Single Sign-On Servers to perform administrative tasks such as managing affiliate applications, setting user credentials, and managing user mappings.

  • Performs lookup operations. The SSO server uses the runtime component to look up the user credentials.

  • Issues and Redeems Tickets. The SSO server also issues and redeems SSO tickets.

  • Password Synchronization. You can create and manage password synchronization adapters on the SSO Server.

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