Find a place on the map

MapPoint North America 2006 SDK

You can search for any specific place on the map—such as a city, business or attraction, airport, or Pushpin.

  1. On the Edit menu, click Find, and then click the Place / Data tab.
  2. In the place name box, type the name of the place you're looking for, such as Washington D.C. or Mount Rushmore.
  3. To speed your search, type a comma after the place name, then add the city, state, or province—for example, Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA.

  4. Click Find.
  5. A list of place names with similar spellings appears in the results list, with the first place in the list selected and centered on the map.

  6. In the results list, select the place you want.
  7. Your selection appears on the map.

  8. Click OK.

Note  If the place you want to find has a unique name, you won't need to select it in the results list—it will automatically be displayed on the map.

Tip  You can also find a place by using the Find box on the Navigation toolbar:

Find box and Find button

Type the place name, and then click Find. If an exact match is found, it appears centered on the map. Otherwise, the Find dialog box opens with a list of possible matches.

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