BOM (form) [AX 2012]

Updated: February 4, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Inventory management > Common > Bills of materials.

Use this form to create or change a bill of materials (BOM), to define a configuration group route, or to associate an existing BOM with specific item numbers.

A single BOM can be used for several item numbers. Changing the contents of the BOM can affect other items. You can make BOM versions inactive by disabling the BOM versions configuration key. If the key is disabled, you cannot see versions in bills of materials.

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




View information about the individual BOMs and item numbers related to them. The tab displays two grids. The upper grid shows the individual BOMs and information about their IDs, names, and item groups. The lower grid shows the item numbers that are linked to the BOM. The individual items that have the BOM type are linked to the BOM as versions. Use these lines to specify information about the date of validity, whether the version is active, and who approved it. You can work with an active version of the BOM, create another version, and then activate it later. For more information about versions of BOM items, see BOM versions and lines (form).

Configuration route

Define a sequence for configuring the BOM. Select the configuration groups from the list, and click the Up and Down buttons to change the sequence. By defining a configuration route, you can create a logical sequence. For example, the shade type for a lamp depends on the power of the bulb that is used. Therefore, it is logical to select from the bulb configuration group before you select from the shade configuration group.




Open the Lines form, where you can create the BOM lines that are attached to the BOM.


Open the BOM designer form, where you can view and modify BOMs by using graphical drag functionality.


Open the Approve bill of materials form, where you can approve BOMs. The Approve button in the lower pane opens the Approve version form, where you can approve BOM versions and their associated BOMs, if you have not already approved the BOM.

Configuration rules

Open the Configuration rules form to set up configuration rules for the current BOM.


Open the Check BOM form to check for inconsistencies or errors in the BOM.


Create a BOM version.


Delete the selected BOM version.


Activate the selected BOM version. When the version is activated, a check mark is displayed in the Active check box.


Open the Send document... form, where you can define the endpoint to where a document is sent electronically.




BOM identification can be specified manually or generated automatically when a new BOM is created. The number is taken from the BOM number sequence reference. If the number sequence exists and is not set to manual allocation, the number will be generated automatically.


The name of the current BOM. You must enter the name manually when you create a new BOM.

Item group

Group various BOMs. If you specify an item group here, when versions are linked to the BOM, you see only an overview of items that have a BOM assigned to them in the same item group. However, you can choose to see an overview of all items with BOMs assigned to them at any time.

Approved by (Overview tab)

The name of the worker who approved the BOM.

Approved (Overview tab)

This check box is selected if the BOM is approved.

Item number

The identification of the item number that the BOM version is associated with.


The name of the configuration.

From date

The date from which the BOM version is valid. The field is used in the management of multiple BOM versions.

To date

The last date that the BOM version is valid.

From qty.

Enter the minimum quantity that is valid for the BOM version. When generating orders, a BOM version is selected automatically, based on this quantity and other criteria that you specify. If you leave the field blank, the BOM version is valid for all quantities.


If this check box is selected, the current BOM version is active.

For more information, see About version validity.

Approved by (Versions grid)

The person who approved the current BOM version. Click Approve to access the Approve bill of materials form.

Approved (Versions grid)

If this check box is selected, the current BOM version is approved. A BOM version must be approved before it can be started and used.

Configuration group

The configuration group for the current position in the configuration route. When configurations are defined in the BOM form, the order in which the configuration groups are specified is the same as the order given in the configuration route.


The name of the position in the configuration group. If you leave this field blank, the name of the configuration group is used when items are configured.

Configuration group name

The description of the configuration group.

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