(DEU) Data export fields (form) [AX 2012]

Updated: February 17, 2011

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click General ledger > Periodic > Data export > Data export definition groups. Click Data export tables. In the Data export tables form, click Data export fields.

Use this form to create data export fields, and assign Microsoft Dynamics AX fields to them. The information from the fields is exported, and can be sent to a tax auditor. This form is available only if the Data export configuration key is selected.

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Move the selected field up in the list.


Move the selected field down in the list.

Next >

Open the next page in the form.


Close the form without saving changes.

< Back

Open the previous page in the form.


Save your changes and close the form.



All tables

The database tables in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Tables related to the selected tables

The database tables related to the table that you selected.

Selected tables

The database table that you selected from the All tables list.

Data export field

Enter a name for the data export field.


Enter a description for the data export field.


Select the database table from which to extract data.


The field from which to extract data. You can select a field or a method, but not both.

Array index

The array index for the field.


The method from which to extract data. You can select a field or a method, but not both.

Primary key

Select this check box for the field if it is the primary key for the database table.

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