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The Microsoft CRM UI Style Guide can be found in the CrmSdk folder in the download version of this SDK located at: msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/aa937755.aspx.

Along with this user interface (UI) style guide, the Microsoft CRM SDK documentation CD contains code samples that you can use to create custom Web pages that you can integrate with the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Web client and the Microsoft CRM 3.0 client for Microsoft Office Outlook. The CD also contains an HTML template (sample.htm) and a cascading style sheet (template.css) that can help you make an application look similar to Microsoft CRM. When you unzip the sdksamples file you will find these files in the Stylesheet folder.

The HTML file includes various sample form controls and demonstrates a suggested page flow. The cascading style sheet file contains some of the more common style classes found within the Microsoft CRM application UI. This sample is provides a starting point from which a custom application's UI may be designed to resemble the Microsoft CRM application UI. This sample does not necessarily reflect how the Microsoft CRM UI works.

Note   Beyond adding custom buttons and menus, developers cannot change the functionality of the Microsoft CRM application.

The following diagram shows the screen region names for the main screen. The SDK allows you to add your custom application so it shows up in the Workspace and Application Menu Bar.

Screen region names

The screen region names are as follows:

  1. Application Menu Bar
  2. Application Tool Bar
  3. Navigation Pane
  4. Navigation Bar
  5. Workspace
  6. Grid Filter Options
  7. Grid Tool Bar
  8. Grid

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