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campaignactivity Class

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Represents the steps of a campaign with owner, partner, budget, timelines and other information. This class can be created for planning as well running a campaign.

The campaignactivity class inherits from BusinessEntity.

Public Methods

For a list of methods and messages that operate on this class, see CampaignActivity.

Constructor Description
campaignactivity Initializes a new instance of the campaignactivity class.

Public Fields

Field Description
activityid Specifies the ID of the campaign activity.
actualcost Specifies the actual cost of the campaign activity.
actualdurationminutes Specifies the actual duration of the activity in minutes.
actualend Specifies the actual end time of the campaign activity.
actualstart Specifies the actual start time of the campaign activity.
budgetedcost Specifies the budgeted cost for the campaign activity.
category Specifies the category of the campaign activity.
channeltypecode Specifies the channel type code for the campaign activity.
createdby Specifies the ID of the user who created the campaign activity.
createdon Specifies the date and time when the campaign activity was created.
description Specifies the description of the campaign activity.
donotsendonoptout Provides information about whether to send marketing material to list members that prohibit sending of marketing material.
excludeifcontactedinxdays Indicates to ignore the activity if the campaign ran in the last X days.
from For internal use only.
ignoreinactivelistmembers Provides information regarding whether to ignore inactive lists during propagation/execution.
isbilled Provides information regarding whether the campaign activity was billed as part of resolving a case.
isworkflowcreated Provides information about whether the campaign activity is created by a workflow rule.
modifiedby Specifies the ID of the user who last modified the campaign activity.
modifiedon Specifies the date and time when the campaign activity was last modified.
ownerid Specifies the ID of the owner of the campaign activity.
owningbusinessunit Specifies the ID of the business unit that owns the campaign activity.
partners Specifies the ID of the partner of the campaign activity.
prioritycode Specifies the priority code for the campaign activity.
regardingobjectid Specifies the ID of the object with which the campaign activity is associated.
scheduleddurationminutes Specifies the scheduled duration, in minutes, of the campaign activity.
scheduledend Specifies the scheduled end time of the campaign activity.
scheduledstart Specifies the scheduled start time of the campaign activity.
serviceid Specifies the ID of the associated service.
statecode Specifies the status of the campaign activity.
statuscode Indicates the reason for the status for the campaign activity.
subcategory Specifies the subcategory of the campaign activity.
subject Specifies the subject associated with the campaign activity.
typecode Specifies the type of the campaign activity.


For more information about entities and attributes, see the Metadata Browser and the Customization area of the Web application. To view this information in the Customization area, in the Navigation Pane, click Settings, click Customization, and then click Customize Entities.

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