Developing with the Microsoft CRM Web Services

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This section describes how to program using the Microsoft CRM 3.0 SDK.

In This Topic

Introduction to Web Services

Provides a brief introduction to using Web services and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files.

Setting up the Web Services

Explains how to set up and access the Web services in your code.

Entity Names

Describes the naming conventions used when interacting with the Web services.

Accessing the Server using Web Services

Explains how to specify the Microsoft CRM server in your code.

Security and Impersonation

Describes the security context for your code and how to impersonate another user.

Strong Types

Describes the benefits of the new strongly typed development model.

Accessing Entities and Attributes

Describes how to access entities and their attributes in your code.

Working with Custom Entities

Explains how to work with custom entities.

Using CRM Attribute Types

Explains how to use the Microsoft CRM types.

Using DynamicEntity

Explains how to use the DynamicEntity class to access entities that did not exist at compile time.

Building Queries

Explains how to build queries with QueryExpression, QueryAttribute and Fetch.

Finding the ID of an Entity Instance

Explains how to find the unique identifier, or GUID, of an entity instance.

Exception Handling

Explains how to deal with run-time exceptions from the Microsoft CRM server.

Metadata Browser

Explains how to access the live metadata browser for schema information.

XML Serialization

Describes how to serialize and deserialize entities to XML string format.

Debugging Your Code

Provides tips on debugging.

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