Error Codes – General

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Error name Value Error message
AccessDenied 80048405 Access is denied.
ActivityInvalidObjectTypeCode 80043513 An Invalid type code was specified by the throwing method
ActivityInvalidSessionToken 80043512 An Invalid session token was passed into the throwing method
ActivityPartyObjectTypeNotAllowed 80043506 Cannot create activity party of specified object type.
AppointmentScheduleNotSet 80040275 Scheduled End and Scheduled Start must be set for Appointments in order to sync with Outlook.
ArticleIsPublished 800404fe The article cannot be updated or deleted because it is in published state
AttachmentBlocked 8.0043E+13 The attachment is either not a valid type or is too large. It cannot be uploaded or downloaded.
AttachmentInvalidFileName 80044a08 Attachment file name contains invalid characters.
AttributeIsNotCustomAttribute 80047009 The specified attribute is not a custom attribute
BulkMailServiceNotAccessible 80048304 The Microsoft CRM Bulk E-Mail Service is not running.
CalloutException 8004025b Callout Exception occurred.
CampaignActivityAlreadyPropagated 80040326 This campaign activity has been distributed already. Campaign activities cannot be distributed more than one time.
CampaignActivityClosed 80040331 This Campaign Activity is closed or canceled. Campaign activities cannot be distributed after they have been closed or canceled.
CampaignNotSpecifiedForCampaignActivity 80040309 Campaign as RegardingObject must be supplied.
CampaignNotSpecifiedForCampaignResponse 8004030a Campaign as RegardingObject must be supplied.
CannotAssignOfflineFilters 800404ff Cannot assign offline filters
CannotAssignOutlookFilters 80040264 Cannot assign outlook filters
CannotBindToSession 80040254 Cannot bind to another session, session already bound.
CannotCopyIncompatibleListType 80040306 Cannot copy lists of different types.
CannotCreateActivityRelationship 80047006 Relationship with activities cannot be created through this operation
CannotCreateOpportunitiesForLeads 80040304 Cannot create opportunities for leads.
CannotCreateOutlookFilters 80040263 Cannot create outlook filters
CannotCreateResponseForTemplate 80040312 CampaignResponse can not be created for Template Campaign.
CannotDeleteAsBackgroundOperationInProgress 8004032b This record is currently being used by Microsoft CRM and cannot be deleted. Try again later. If  the problem persists, contact your system administrator.
CannotDeleteAsItIsReadOnly 80040228 The object cannot be deleted because it is read-only.
CannotDeleteChildAttribute 80047016 The Child Attribute is not valid for deletion
CannotDeleteDueToAssociation 80040227 The object you tried to delete is associated with another object and cannot be deleted.
CannotDeletePrimaryUIAttribute 80047002 The Primary UI Attribute is not valid for deletion
CannotFindObjectInQueue 800404eb The object was not found in the given queue
CannotFindUserQueue 800404ec Cannot find user queue
CannotGrantAccessToOfflineFilters 80040271 Cannot grant access to offline filters
CannotGrantAccessToOutlookFilters 80040268 Cannot grant access to outlook filters
CannotModifyAccessToOfflineFilters 80040272 Cannot modify access for offline filters
CannotModifyAccessToOutlookFilters 80040269 Cannot modify access for outlook filters
CannotMoveDisabledUser 80040267 Disabled users cannot be moved to a different business unit.
CannotPropagateCamapaignActivityForTemplate 80040311 Cannot execute (distribute) a CampaignActivity for a template Campaign.
CannotRelateObjectTypeToCampaign 80040307 Specified Object Type not supported
CannotRelateObjectTypeToCampaignActivity 8004030d Specified Object Type not supported
CannotRemoveUnrelatedObject 80040308 Specified Item not related to the specified Campaign Activity
CannotRevokeAccessToOfflineFilters 80040273 Cannot revoke access for offline filters
CannotRevokeAccessToOutlookFilters 80040270 Cannot revoke access for outlook filters
CannotRouteToQueue 800404ea Cannot route to Work in progress queue
CannotShareWithOwner 80040214 An item cannot be shared with the owning user.
CannotSpecifyAttendeeForAppointmentPropagation 8004031c Cannot specify an attendee for appointment distribution.
CannotSpecifyCommunicationAttributeOnActivityForPropagation 8004031e Cannot specify communication attribute on activity for distribution
CannotSpecifyOrganizerForAppointmentPropagation 8004031a Cannot specify an organizer for appointment distribution
CannotSpecifyOwnerForActivityPropagation 80040327 Cannot specify owner on activity for distribution
CannotSpecifyRecipientForActivityPropagation 8004031d Cannot specify a recipient for activity distribution.
CannotSpecifySenderForActivityPropagation 8004031b Cannot specify a sender for appointment distribution
CannotUpdateBecauseItIsReadOnly 8004022e The object cannot be updated because it is read-only.
CannotUpdateCampaignForCampaignActivity 8004030b Parent campaign is not updatable.
CannotUpdateCampaignForCampaignResponse 8004030c Parent campaign is not updatable.
CannotUpdatePrivateOrWIPQueue 800404ee The private or WIP Bin queue is not allowed to be updated or deleted
CascadeDeleteNotAllowDelete 80048103 Object is not allowed to be deleted
CascadeFailToCreateNativeDAWrapper 80048108 Failed to create unmanaged data access wrapper
CascadeInvalidExtraConditionValue 80048101 Invalid Extra-condition value
CascadeInvalidLinkType 80048102 Invalid CascadeLink Type
CascadeInvalidLinkTypeTransition 80044155 Invalid link type for system entity cascading actions.
CascadeMergeInvalidSpecialColumn 80048106 Invalid Column Name for Merge Special Casing
CascadeProxyEmptyCallerId 8004810b Empty Caller Id
CascadeProxyInvalidNativeDAPtr 80048109 Invalid pointer of unmanaged data access object
CascadeProxyInvalidPrincipalType 8004810a Invalid security principal type
CascadeRemoveLinkOnNonNullable 80048104 CascadeDelete is defined as RemoveLink while the foreign key is not nullable
CascadeReparentOnNonUserOwned 80048107 Cannot perform Cascade Reparent on Non-UserOwned entities
CascadeUnknownObjectTypeCode 80048105 Unknown object type code
CrmConstraintEvaluationError 80040261 Crm constraint evaluation error occurred.
CrmConstraintParsingError 80040262 Crm constraint parsing error occurred.
CrmExpressionBodyParsingError 8004025e Crm expression body parsing error occurred.
CrmExpressionEvaluationError 80040260 Crm expression evaluation error occurred.
CrmExpressionParametersParsingError 8004025f Crm expression parameters parsing error occurred.
CrmExpressionParsingError 8004025d Crm expression parsing error occurred.
CrmImpersonationError 80040245 Error occurred in the Crm AutoReimpersonator.
CrmMalformedExpressionError 8004025c Crm malformed expression error occurred.
CrmQueryExpressionNotInitialized 8004024d The QueryExpression has not been initialized. Please use the constructor that takes in the entity name to create a correctly initialized instance
CrmSecurityError 80040256 A failure occurred in CrmSecurity.
CustomerOpportunityRoleExists 80048202 Customer opportunity role exists.
CustomerRelationshipExists 80048201 Customer relationship already exists.
CustomParentingSystemNotSupported 80047102 A custom entity can not have a parental relationship to a system entity
CyclicalRelationship 80047004 The specified relationship will result in a cycle.
DateTimeFormatFailed 8004025a Failed to produce a formatted datetime value.
DecoupleChildEntity 80048206 Cannot decouple a child entity.
DecoupleUserOwnedEntity 80048207 Can only decouple user owned entities.
DisabledCRMAddinLoadFailure 80044202 An error occurred loading Microsoft CRM functionality. Try restarting Outlook. Contact your system administrator if errors persist.
DisabledCRMClientVersionHigher 80044204 The Microsoft CRM server needs to be upgraded before Microsoft CRM client can be used. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
DisabledCRMClientVersionLower 80044203 The Microsoft CRM Outlook client needs to be upgraded before it can be used. Contact your system administrator for upgrade instructions.
DisabledCRMGoingOffline 80044200 Microsoft CRM functionality is not available while Offline Synchronization is occuring
DisabledCRMGoingOnline 80044201 Microsoft CRM functionality is not available while Online Synchronization is occuring
DisabledCRMOnlineCrmNotAvailable 80044206 Microsoft CRM server is not available
DisabledCRMPostOfflineUpgrade 80044205 Microsoft CRM functionality is not available until the Microsoft CRM client is taken back online
DuplicateAttributeSchemaName 80047013 An attribute with the specified name already exists
DuplicateDisplayCollectionName 80047012 An object with the specified display collection name already exists.
DuplicateDisplayName 80047011 An object with the specified display name already exists.
DuplicateName 80047010 An object with the specified name already exists
DuplicateOutlookAppointment 80040274 The Appointment being promoted from Outlook is already tracked in CRM
DuplicateRecord 80040237 Operation failed due to a SQL integrity violation.
EmptyXml 80040202 Empty XML.
EntityHasNoStateCode 80047015 Specified entity does not have a statecode.
EntityInstantiationFailed 80040243 Instantiation of an Entity instance Service failed.
EntityIsNotCustomizable 80047008 The specified entity is not customizable
ErrorInImportConfig 80040323 Cannot process with Bulk Import as Import Configuration has some errors.
ErrorUploadingReport 80048298 An error occurred while trying to add the report to Microsoft CRM. Try adding the report again. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.
ExistingParentalRelationship 80048205 A parental relationship already exists.
ExtraPartyInformation 80040316 Extra party information should not be provided for this operation.
FailedToGetNetworkServiceName 80047103 Failed to obtain the localized name for NetworkService account
FailedToLoadAssembly 8004024e Failed to load assembly
FailedToScheduleActivity 80047000 Failed to schedule activity.
FaxNoData 80043516 The fax cannot be sent because there is no data to send. Specify at least one of the following: a cover page, a fax attachment, a fax description.
FaxNoSupport 80043517 The fax cannot be sent because this type of attachment is not allowed or does not support virtual printing to a fax device.
FaxSendBlocked 80043510 The recipient is marked as "Do Not Fax".
FaxServiceNotRunning 80043511 The Microsoft Windows fax service is not running or is not installed.
FilteredDuetoAntiSpam 80040325 This customer is filtered due to AntiSpam settings.
FilteredDuetoInactiveState 8004032a This customer is filtered due to inactive state.
FilteredDuetoMissingEmailAddress 8004032e This customer is filtered due to missing email address.
GoOfflineBCPFileSize 80044224 Client was not able to download BCP file. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GoOfflineDbSizeLimit 80044222 You have exceeded the storage limit for your offline database. You must reduce the amount of data to be taken offline by changing your Local Data Groups.
GoOfflineFailedMoveData 80044225 Client was not able to download data. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GoOfflineFailedPrepareMsde 80044226 Prepare MSDE failed. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GoOfflineFailedReloadMetadataCache 80044227 The Microsoft CRM client for Outlook was unable to go offline. Please try going offline again.
GoOfflineGetBCPFileException 80044221 CRM server was not able to process your request. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
GoOfflineMetadataVersionsMismatch 80044220 Client and Server metadata versions are different due to new customization on the server. Please try going offline again.
GoOfflineServerFailedGenerateBCPFile 80044223 CRM server was not able to generate BCP file. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
ImportArticleTemplateError 8004800D There was an error in parsing the article templates in Import Xml
ImportConfigNotSpecified 80040322 Cannot process with Bulk Import as Import Configuration not specified.
ImportContractTemplateError 8004800B There was an error in parsing the contract templates in Import Xml
ImportEmailTemplateError 8004800C There was an error in parsing the email templates in Import Xml
ImportEntityCustomResourcesError 80048002 Invalid Custom Resources in the Import File
ImportEntityCustomResourcesNewStringError 80048003 Invalid Entity new string in the Custom Resources
ImportEntityIconError 80048001 Invalid Icon in the Import File
ImportEntityNameMismatchError 80048008 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportFieldXmlError 80048006 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportFormXmlError 80048007 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportInvalidFileError 80048000 Invalid Import File
ImportIsvConfigError 8004800E There was an error parsing the IsvConfig during Import
ImportLanguageCodeMismatchError 80048014 One or more elements do not match the deployment's language code.
ImportMappingsMissingEntityMapError 80048010 This customization file contains a reference to an entity map that does not exist on the target system.
ImportMappingsSystemMapError 8004800F Import cannot create system attribute mappings
ImportNonWellFormedFileError 80048013 Invalid customization file. This file is not well formed.
ImportPluginTypesError 80048012 An error occurred while importing Plugin Types.
ImportRelationshipRoleMapsError 8004800A The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportRelationshipRolesError 80048009 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportSavedQueryExistingError 80048005 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
ImportSavedQueryOtcMismatchError 80048004 There was an error processing saved queries of the same object type code (unresolvable system collision)
ImportSiteMapError 80048011 An error occurred while importing the Site Map.
InSufficientBulkImportPrivileges 80040332 You do not have sufficient privileges to add members to marketing lists.
InvalidAccessRights 8004020d Invalid access rights.
InvalidActivityType 80040321 An invalid object type was specified for distributing activities.
InvalidActivityTypeForCampaignActivityPropagate 8004030f Must specify a valid CommunicationActivity
InvalidActivityTypeForList 80040305 Cannot create activities of the specified list type.
InvalidActivityXml 80043514 Invalid Xml in an activity config file.
InvalidAllotmentsCalc 800404ef Allotments: remaining + used != total
InvalidAllotmentsRemaining 800404f2 The allotments remaining is invalid
InvalidAllotmentsTotal 800404f0 The total allotments is invalid
InvalidAllotmentsUsed 800404f1 The allotments used is invalid
InvalidArgument 80040203 Invalid argument.
InvalidArticleState 800404fb The article state is undefined
InvalidArticleStateTransition 800404fc This article state transition is invalid because of the current state of the article
InvalidArticleTemplateState 800404fd The article template state is undefined
InvalidAssigneeId 80040210 Invalid assignee id.
InvalidAttributeMap 80046203 InvalidAttributeMap Error Occurred
InvalidBulkImportDataRow 8004032d Data in row did not match the import type.
InvalidBulkImportLine 80040328 Number of columns do not match those in the header row
InvalidCaller 80040257 Cannot switch ExecutionContext to system user without setting Caller first.
InvalidCascadeLinkType 80048204 The cascade link type is not valid for the cascade action.
InvalidChannelForCampaignActivityPropagate 80040310 Cannot distribute activities for campaign activities of the specified channel type.
InvalidConnectionString 8004023f The connection string not found or invalid.
InvalidContractDetailId 800404f6 The Contract detail id is invalid
InvalidDateTime 80040239 The date-time format is invalid, or value is outside the supported range.
InvalidDeleteModification 80048203 A system relationship's delete cascading action cannot be modified.
InvalidDisplayName 8004700c The specified display name is not valid
InvalidEmailTemplate 80040313 Must specify a valid Template Id
InvalidEntityClassException 80040249 Invalid entity class.
InvalidFetchXml 80040303 Malformed FetchXml.
InvalidFormatParameters 80047101 The number of format parameters passed into the input string is incorrect
InvalidMetadata 8004023a Invalid Metadata.
InvalidNetPrice 800404f3 The net price is invalid
InvalidObjectTypes 8004021f Invalid object type.
InvalidOfflineOperation 8004410e Operation not valid when offline.
InvalidOperation 8004023b Invalid Operation performed.
InvalidOperationForClosedOrCancelledCampaignActivity 80040314 Can not add items to closed (cancelled) campaignactivity.
InvalidOperationWhenListLocked 80040302 List is Locked. Cannot perform this action.
InvalidOrgOwnedCascadeLinkType 80044156 Cascade User-Owned is not a valid cascade link type for org-owned entity relationships.
InvalidOwnerID 80040229 The owner ID is invalid or missing.
InvalidOwnershipTypeMask 8004700d The specified ownership type mask is not valid for this operation
InvalidParent 80040205 The parent object is invalid or missing.
InvalidPartyMapping 80043515 Invalid party mapping.
InvalidPointer 80040218 The object is disposed.
InvalidPrimaryFieldType 8004700e Primary UI Attribute has to be of type String
InvalidPrimaryKey 80040266 Invalid primary key.
InvalidPriv 8004024b Invalid privilege type.
InvalidRecurrenceRule 80040246 Error in RecurrencePatternFactory.
InvalidRegardingObjectTypeCode 80040319 The regarding Object Type Code is not valid for the Bulk Operation.
InvalidRegistryKey 8004024c Invalid registry key specified.
InvalidRelationshipDescription 80047003 The specified relationship cannot be created
InvalidRelationshipType 8004700f The specified relationship type is not valid for this operation
InvalidRestore 80040258 RestoreCaller must be called after SwitchToSystemUser.
InvalidRollupType 80040234 The rollup type is invalid.
InvalidSchemaName 8004700b The specified schema name is not valid
InvalidSharee 8004020c Invalid share id.
InvalidSingletonResults 8004024f Crm Internal Exception: Singleton Retrieve Query should not return more than 1 record.
InvalidState 80040233 The object is not in a valid state to perform this operation.
InvalidStateCodeStatusCode 80048408 State code is invalid or state code is valid but status code is invalid for a specified state code.
InvalidTotalDiscount 800404f4 The total discount is invalid
InvalidTotalPrice 800404f5 The total price is invalid
InvalidVersion 8004023c Unhandled Version mismatch found.
InvalidXml 80040201 Invalid XML.
InvalidXmlCollectionNameException 80040247 Invalid Xml collection name.
InvalidXmlEntityNameException 80040248 Invalid Xml entity name.
IsvAborted 80040265 ISV code aborted the operation.
LicenseDuplicateKeys 80044158 One of the new license keys is a duplicate of an existing license key. Find and remove the duplicate license key.
LicenseInvalidUpgrade 80044161 License upgrade from Professional to Small Business Edition is not allowed.
LicenseMismatchedKeys 80044157 One of the new license keys is not for the same type of license as the rest of the license keys.  You can add only license keys for the same license type.
LicenseNonTrialToTrial 8004415a License keys for trial licenses cannot be added to a Microsoft CRM installation that contains non-trial licenses.
LicenseNotEnoughLicenses 80044159 Your organization does not have enough licenses to complete an upgrade.
LicenseNotEnoughToActivate 80042f14 There are not enough licenses available for the number of users being activated.
LicenseRegistrationExpired 8004415d The registration period for Microsoft CRM has expired.
LicenseRegistrationTampered 8004415e The registration for this installation of Microsoft CRM has been tampered with. The system is unusable. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services.
LicenseTampered 8004415f The licensing for this installation of Microsoft CRM has been tampered with. The system is unusable. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services.
LicenseTooManyServerKeys 8004415b Only 1 server license key is allowed per installation.
LicenseTrialExpired 8004415c The trial installation of Microsoft CRM has expired.
LicenseUpgradeNeedsServerKey 80044160 The licensing upgrade requires a server license key.
MetadataNotFound 8004024a Metadata not found.
MissingBOWFRules 80040329 Bulk Operation related workflow rules are missing.
MissingBusinessId 8004021a The business id is missing or invalid.
MissingOwner 80040215 Item does not have an owner.
MissingParameter 8004031f A required parameter is missing for the Bulk Operation
MissingQueryType 80040235 The query type is missing.
MissingRecipient 8004350d The fax must have a recipient before it can be sent.
MissingUserId 8004021b The user id or the team id is missing.
MoneySizeExceeded 80040317 Supplied value exceeded the MIN/MAX value of Money Type field.
MultipleChildPicklist 80040250 Crm Internal Exception: Picklists with more than one childAttribute are not supported.
MultipleParentsNotSupported 80047007 An entity can have only one parental relationship
MultipleRelationshipsNotSupported 80048200 Multiple relationships are not supported
NoAttributesForEntityCreate 80047014 No attributes for Create Entity action.
NoDialNumber 8004350f There is no fax number specified on the fax or for the recipient.
NonMappableEntity 80046200 NonMappableEntity Error Occurred
NotImplemented 80040219 The requested functionality is not yet implemented.
NotSupported 80040315 Operation not supported.
NullArticleTemplateFormatXml 800404f8 The article template formatxml cannot be NULL
NullArticleTemplateStructureXml 800404f9 The article template structurexml cannot be NULL
NullArticleXml 800404f7 The article xml cannot be NULL
NullKBArticleTemplateId 800404fa The kbarticletemplateid cannot be NULL
NumberFormatFailed 80040259 Failed to produce a formatted numeric value.
ObjectDoesNotExist 80040217 The specified object was not found.
ObjectNotRelatedToCampaign 8004030e Specified Object not related to the parent Campaign
OnlyOwnerCanRevoke 80040223 Only the owner of an object can revoke the owner's access to that object.
OpenCrmDBConnection 8004023e Db Connection is Open, when it should be Closed.
PrincipalPrivilegeDenied 80040231 Target user does not hold required privileges.
PrivilegeDenied 80040220 The user does not hold the necessary privileges.
QueryBuilderAlias_Does_Not_Exist 8004110a The specified alias for the given entity in the condition does not exist.
QueryBuilderAttribute_With_Aggregate 80041107 Attributes can not be returned when aggregate operation is specified.
QueryBuilderAttributeNotFound 8004111e A required attribute was not specified.
QueryBuilderAttributePairMismatch 80041111 AttributeFrom and AttributeTo must be either both specified or both omitted.
QueryBuilderBad_Condition 80041106 Incorrect filter condition or conditions.
QueryBuilderByAttributeMismatch 8004110f QueryByAttribute must specify a non-empty value array with the same number of elements as in the attributes array.
QueryBuilderByAttributeNonEmpty 80041110 QueryByAttribute must specify a non-empty attribute array.
QueryBuilderColumnSetVersionMissing 80041113 The specified columnset version is invalid.
QueryBuilderDeserializeEmptyXml 80041124 Xml String can't be null.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidAggregate 8004111a Attribute 'aggregate' is not supported for deserialization.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidAlias 8004111b Attribute 'alias' is not supported for deserialization.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidDescending 80041119 The only valid values for descending attribute are 'true', 'false', '1', and '0'.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidDistinct 80041115 The only valid values for distinct attribute are 'true', 'false', '1', and '0'.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidLinkType 80041117 The only valid values for link-type attribute are 'natural', 'inner', and 'outer'.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidMapping 80041116 The only valid values for mapping are 'logical' or 'internal' which is deprecated.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidNode 8004111c The element node encountered is invalid.
QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidUtcOffset 8004111d The utc-offset attribute is not supported for deserialization.
QueryBuilderDeserializeLinkAttributes 80041118 Link attributes are not supported for Deserialization.
QueryBuilderDeserializeLinkOrder 8004112B Link ordering is not supported for Deserialization.
QueryBuilderDeserializeNoDocElemXml 80041125 Document Element can't be null.
QueryBuilderElementNotFound 80041123 A required element was not specified.
QueryBuilderEntitiesDontMatch 80041128 The entity name specified in fetchxml does not match the entity name specified in the Entity or Query Expression.
QueryBuilderInvalid_Alias 80041109 Invalid alias for aggregate operation.
QueryBuilderInvalid_Value 80041108 Invalid value specified for type.
QueryBuilderInvalidColumnSetVersion 80041112 The specified columnset version is invalid.
QueryBuilderInvalidConditionOperator 80041120 Unsupported condition operator.
QueryBuilderInvalidFilterType 80041122 Unsupported filter type. Valid values are 'and', or 'or'.
QueryBuilderInvalidJoinOperator 80041121 Unsupported join operator.
QueryBuilderInvalidOrderType 8004111f A valid order type must be set in the order before calling this method.
QueryBuilderInvalidPagingCookie 8004112A Invalid page number in paging cookie.
QueryBuilderInvalidUpdate 80041100 An attempt was made to update a non-updateable field.
QueryBuilderLinkNodeForOrderNotFound 80041126 Converting from Query to EntityExpression failed. Link Node for order was not found.
QueryBuilderMulti_Primary_Key 80041105 Found an unexpected multiple-column primary key.
QueryBuilderMultipleIntersectEntities 8004110e More than one intersect entity exists between the two entities specified.
QueryBuilderNo_Primary_Key 80041104 No primary key was found for the specified entity.
QueryBuilderNoAlias 8004110b No alias for the given entity in the condition was found.
QueryBuilderNoAttribute 80041103 The specified attribute does not exist on this entity.
QueryBuilderNoAttrsDistinctConflict 8004112C The no-attrs tag cannot be used in conjuction with Distinct set to true.
QueryBuilderNoEntity 80041102 The specified entity was not found.
QueryBuilderPagingOrderBy 80041129 Order by columns do not match those in paging cookie.
QueryBuilderPrimaryKeyExpected 8004112D The Primary Key is expected when Distinct is set to true.
QueryBuilderReportView_Does_Not_Exist 8004110d A report view does not exist for the specified entity.
QueryBuilderSerialzeLinkTopCriteria 80041114 Fetch does not support where clause with conditions from linkentity.
QueryBuilderTopCountGreaterThanZero 80041127 Converting from EntityExpression to Query failed. Top.Count must be equal to zero.
QueryBuilderUnexpected 80041101 An unexpected error occurred.
QueryBuilderValue_GreaterThanZero 8004110c A value greater than zero must be specified.
RelationshipIsNotCustomRelationship 8004700a The specified relationship is not a custom relationship
ReportFileTooBig 80048297 The file is too large and cannot be uploaded. Please reduce the size of the file and try again.
ReportNotAvailable 80048299 Report not available
ReportServerDeveloperEdition 80048307 Setup does not support SQL Reporting Service Developer Edition
ReportServerInvalidUrl 80048301 Cannot contact report server from given URL
ReportServerNoPrivilege 80048302 Not enough privilege to configure report server
ReportServerUnknownException 80048300 Unknown exception thrown by report server
ReportServerVersionLow 80048303 Report server does not meet the minimal version requirement
RequiredFieldMissing 80040200 Required field missing.
RouteTypeUnsupported 8.00404E+14 The route type is unsupported
RoutingNotAllowed 8.00404E+12 This object type can not be routed.
RowGuidIsNotValidName 80047001 rowguid is a reserved name and cannot be used as an identifier
SavedQueryIsNotCustomizable 80047017 The specified view is not customizable
SdkDoesNotSupportEntity 8004080A The entity type is not supported by the SDK.
SdkEntityDoesNotSupportGenericMethod 80040800 The method being invoked does not support provided entity type.
ServiceInstantiationFailed 80040244 Instantiation of an Entity failed.
SessionTokenUnavailable 80040253 Session token is not available unless there is a transaction in place.
SyncToMsdeFailure 80048407 Failed to start or connect to the offline mode MSDE database.
SystemAttributeMap 80046205 SystemAttributeMap Error Occured
SystemEntityMap 80046202 SystemEntityMap Error Occurred
TemplateTypeNotSupportedForUnsubscribeAcknowledgement 80040324 This template type is not supported for unsubscribe acknowledgement.
TooManyRecipients 8004350e Sending to multiple recipients is not supported.
TransactionAborted 80040255 Transaction Aborted.
TransactionNotCommited 80040252 Transaction not comitted.
TransactionNotStarted 80040251 Transaction not started.
UnExpected 80040216 An unexpected error occurred.
UnexpectedErrorInMailMerge 80040330 There was an unexpected error during mail merge.
unManagedchildentityisnotchild 8.00404E+11 The child entity supplied is not a child.
unManagedcihldofconditionforoffilefilters 800404a9 Child-of condition is only allowed on offline filters.
unManagedemptyprocessliteralcondition 800404b0 No data specified for ProcessLiteralCondition.
unManagedentityisnotintersect 800404aa The entity is not an intersect entity.
unManagederroraddingfiltertoqueryplan 800404ca An error occurred adding a filter to the query plan.
unManagederrorprocessingfilternodes 800404c4 An unexpected error occured processing the filter nodes.
unManagedfieldnotvalidatedbyplatform 800404ae A field was not validated by the platform.
unManagedfilterindexoutofrange 800404ab The filter index is out of range.
unManagedidbusinessnotenabled 8004032c The specified business unit is disabled.
unManagedIdsAccessDenied 80048306 Not enough privilege to access the Microsoft CRM object or perform the requested operation.
unManagedidsaccountdoesnotexist 80040502 Account does not exist.
unManagedidsaccounthaschildopportunities 80040511 The Account has child opportunities.
unManagedidsaccountloopbeingcreated 80040507 Creating this parental association would create a loop in Accounts hierarchy.
unManagedidsaccountloopexists 80040506 Loop exists in the accounts hierarchy.
unManagedidsactivitydurationdoesnotmatch 8004350a Activity duration does not match start/end time
unManagedidsactivityinvalidduration 80043509 Invalid activity duration
unManagedidsactivityinvalidobjecttype 80043503 Activity regarding object type is invalid
unManagedidsactivityinvalidpartyobjecttype 80043505 Activity party object type is invalid
unManagedidsactivityinvalidregardingobject 80043507 Invalid activity regarding object, it probably does not exist
unManagedidsactivityinvalidstate 80043500 Invalid activity state
unManagedidsactivityinvalidtimeformat 80043508 Invalid activity time, check format
unManagedidsactivityinvalidtype 80043501 Invalid activity type code
unManagedidsactivitynotroutable 8004350b This type of activity is not routable
unManagedidsactivityobjectidortypemissing 80043502 Activity regarding object Id or type is missing
unManagedidsactivitypartyobjectidortypemissing 80043504 Activity party object Id or type is missing
unManagedidsadobjectalreadyexists 8004022a An object with the specified name already exists in the Active Directory.
unManagedidsanonymousenabled 80040226 The logged-in user was not found in the Active Directory.
unManagedidsarticletemplatecontainsarticles 8004300000 Cannot change article template because there are knowledge base articles using it.
unManagedidsarticletemplateisnotactive 8.0043E+11 KB article template is inactive.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotcreatetempfile 80044a05 Cannot create temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotgetfilesize 80044a01 Cannot get temporary attachment file size.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotopentempfile 80044a00 Cannot open temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotreadtempfile 80044a03 Cannot read temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentcannottruncatetempfile 80044a07 Cannot truncate temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentcannotunmaptempfile 80044a06 Cannot unmap temporary attachment file.
unManagedidsattachmentinvalidfilesize 80044a02 Attachment file size is too big.
unManagedidsattachmentisempty 80044a04 Attachment is empty.
unManagedidsbaseunitdoesnotexist 80043b1c The base unit does not exist.
unManagedidsbaseunitnotdeletable 80043b03 The base unit of a schedule cannot be deleted.
unManagedidsbaseunitnotnull 80043b17 Do not use a base unit as the value for a primary unit. This value should always be null.
unManagedidsbizmgmtbusinessloopbeingcreated 80041d21 Creating this parental association would create a loop in business hierarchy.
unManagedidsbizmgmtbusinessloopexists 80041d20 Loop exists in the business hierarchy.
unManagedidsbizmgmtbusinessparentdiffmerchant 80041d04 The business is not in the same merchant as parent business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcallernotinpartnerbusiness 80041d14 The caller is not from partner business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcallernotinprimarybusiness 80041d12 The caller is not from primary business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotaddlocaluser 80041d32 A local user cannot be added to the CRM.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeletebusiness 80041d18 This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Delete to delete this sub-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeleteprovision 80041d19 This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Delete to delete this root-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeletesysadmin 80041d2e The System Administrator Role cannot be deleted.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisablebusiness 80041d1a This business unit cannot be disabled.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisableprovision 80041d1b This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Disable to disable this root-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisablesysadmin 80041d2f A user cannot be disabled if they are the only user that has the System Administrator Role.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotenablebusiness 80041d1c This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Enable to enable this sub-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotenableprovision 80041d1d This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Enable to enable this root-business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmodifyspecialuser 80041d33 No modifications to the 'SYSTEM' or 'INTEGRATION' user are permitted.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmodifysysadmin 80041d31 The System Administrator Role cannot be modified.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmovedefaultuser 80041d05 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmovedefaultuser
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmoverootteamcaptain 80041d28 The captain of the root business's team cannot be moved.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotreadaccountcontrol 80041d2d Insufficient permissions to the specified Active Directory user. Contact your System Administrator.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotremovepartnershipdefaultuser 80041d17 The default user of a partnership can not be removed.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotremovesysadmin 80041d30 A user cannot be removed from the System Administrator Role if they are the only user that has the role.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotremoveteamcaptain 80041d0d The team captain can not be removed.
unManagedidsbizmgmtcantchangeorgname 80041d36 The organization name cannot be changed.
unManagedidsbizmgmtchildbusinessdoesnotexist 80041d22 The child businesss Id is invalid.
unManagedidsbizmgmtchilduserdoesnotexist 80041d26 The child user Id is invalid.
unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinbusiness 80041d03 The default user is not in the business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinpartnerbusiness 80041d15 The default user is not from partner business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinprimarybusiness 80041d13 The default user is not from primary business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtinvaliddomainname 80048015 The specified domainname is not valid.
unManagedidsbizmgmtinvaliduserid 80041d1f The user Id is invalid.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissbusinessname 80041d00 The business name was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissparentbusiness 80041d02 The parent business was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmisspartnerbusiness 80041d0f The partnership partner business was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissprimarybusiness 80041d0e The partnership primary business was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissteambusiness 80041d09 The team business id was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissteamcaptain 80041d08 The team captain id was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissteamname 80041d0b The team name was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtmissuserdomainname 80041d01 The user's domain name was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsbizmgmtnomultiorg 80041d35 Only one organization and one root business are allowed.
unManagedidsbizmgmtnoparentbusiness 80041d29 The specified business does not have a parent business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtparentbusinessdoesnotexist 80041d23 The parent business Id is invalid.
unManagedidsbizmgmtparentuserdoesnotexist 80041d27 The parent user Id is invalid.
unManagedidsbizmgmtpartnershipalreadyexists 80041d11 A partnership between specified primary business and partner business already exists.
unManagedidsbizmgmtpartnershipnotinpendingstatus 80041d16 The partnership has been accepted or declined.
unManagedidsbizmgmtprimarysameaspartner 80041d10 The primary business is the same as partner business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtteamcaptainindiffmerchant 80041d0a The team captain is not in the same merchant as team business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtteamnametoolong 80048305 The specified name for the team is too long.
unManagedidsbizmgmtteamparentdiffmerchant 80041d0c The team is not in the same merchant as parent business.
unManagedidsbizmgmtuseralreadyexists 80041d2c The specified Active Directory user already exists as a CRM user.
unManagedidsbizmgmtusercannotbeownparent 80041d06 The user can not be its own parent user.
unManagedidsbizmgmtuserdoesnothaveparent 80041d1e This user does not have a parent user.
unManagedidsbizmgmtuserloopbeingcreated 80041d25 Creating this parental association would create a loop in user hierarchy.
unManagedidsbizmgmtuserloopexists 80041d24 Loop exists in the user hierarchy.
unManagedidsbizmgmtusernotinactivedirectory 80041d2a The user does not exist in active directory.
unManagedidsbizmgmtusernotinparenthierarchy 80041d07 The user is not in parent user's business hierarchy.
unManagedidsbizmgmtusersettingsinvalidadvancedfindstartupmode 80041d34 Invalid advanced find startup mode.
unManagedidsbizmgmtusersettingsnotcreated 80041d2b The specified user's settings have not yet been created.
unManagedidscalendarinvalidcalendar 80044d00 The calendar is invalid.
unManagedidscalendarruledoesnotexist 80045100 The calendar rule does not exist.
unManagedidsCalloutException 80045f05 Callout code throws exception
unManagedidscalloutinvalidconfig 80045f03 Invalid callout configuration
unManagedidscalloutinvalidevent 80045f04 Invalid callout event
unManagedidscalloutisvabort 80045f01 Callout ISV code aborted the operation
unManagedidscalloutisvexception 80045f00 Callout ISV code throws exception
unManagedidscalloutisvstop 80045f02 Callout ISV code stopped the operation
unManagedidscannotassigntobusiness 80040221 Cannot assign an object to a merchant.
unManagedidscannotdeactivatepricelevel 80043b04 The price level cannot be deactivated because it is the default price level of an account, contact or product.
unManagedidscannotdefaultprivateview 80040238 Private views cannot be default.
unManagedidscannotdeletecannedview 8004022f System-defined views cannot be deleted.
unManagedidscannotgrantorrevokeaccesstobusiness 8004021e Cannot grant or revoke access rights to a merchant.
unManagedidscannotspecifybothproductandproductdesc 80043afb You cannot set both 'productid' and 'productdescription' for the same record.
unManagedidscannotspecifybothuomandproductdesc 80043afa You cannot set both 'uomid' and 'productdescription' for the same record.
unManagedidscannotupdateobjectbecauseitisinactive 80040230 The object cannot be updated because it is inactive.
unManagedidscantdisable 80044154 The user cannot be disabled because they have workflow rules running under their context.
unManagedidscascadeemptylinkerror 80045602 The relationship link is empty
unManagedidscascadeinconsistencyerror 80045600 Cascade map information is inconsistent.
unManagedidscascadeundefinedrelationerror 80045601 Relationship type is not supported
unManagedidscascadeunexpectederror 80045603 Unexpected error occurred in cascading operation
unManagedidscommunicationsbadsender 80040b01 More than one sender specified
unManagedidscommunicationsnomailserverurl 80040b04 mailserverurl was not set in the registry (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM\mailserverurl)
unManagedidscommunicationsnomscrmkey 80040b03 mscrm key was not found in the registry
unManagedidscommunicationsnoparticipationmask 80040b06 Participation type is missing from an activity
unManagedidscommunicationsnopartyaddress 80040b00 Object address not found on party or party is marked as non-emailable
unManagedidscommunicationsnorecipients 80040b05 At least one system user or queue in the organization must be a recipient
unManagedidscommunicationsnosender 80040b02 No email address was specified, and the calling user does not have an email address set
unManagedidscommunicationsnosenderaddress 80040b08 The sender does not have an email address on the party record
unManagedidscommunicationstemplateinvalidtemplate 80040b07 The template body is invalid
unManagedidscontactdoesnotexist 80040503 Contact does not exist.
unManagedidscontacthaschildopportunities 80040512 The Contact has child opportunities.
unManagedidscontactloopbeingcreated 8004050a Creating this parental association would create a loop in Contacts hierarchy.
unManagedidscontactloopexists 80040509 Loop exists in the contacts hierarchy.
unManagedidscontractaccountmissing 80043201 Account is required to save a contract.
unManagedidscontractdoesnotexist 80043207 The contract does not exist.
unManagedidscontractinvalidallotmenttypecode 80043205 The allotment type code is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidbilltoaddress 8004320f The bill-to address of the contract is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidbilltocustomer 80043210 The bill-to customer of the contract is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidcontract 80043213 The contract is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidcontracttemplate 80043211 The contract template is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidcustomer 8004320d The customer of the contract is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidowner 80043212 The owner of the contract is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidprice 80043215 The price is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidserviceaddress 8004320e The service address of the contract is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidstartdateforrenewedcontract 80043217 The start date of the renewed contract can not be earlier than the end date of the originating contract.
unManagedidscontractinvalidstartenddate 80043202 Start date / end date or billing start date / billing end date is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidstartenddatesforrenewedcontract 80043218 The start date / end date of this renewed contract can not overlap with any other invoiced / active contracts with the same contract number.
unManagedidscontractinvalidstate 80043203 The state of the contract is invalid.
unManagedidscontractinvalidtotalallotments 80043214 The totalallotments is invalid.
unManagedidscontractlineinvalidstate 80043204 The state of the contract line item is invalid.
unManagedidscontractlineitemdoesnotexist 80043208 The contract line item does not exist.
unManagedidscontractnolineitems 8004320c There are no contract line items for this contract.
unManagedidscontractopencasesexist 8004320a There are open cases against this contract line item.
unManagedidscontracttemplateabbreviationexists 80043216 The value for abbreviation already exists.
unManagedidscontracttemplatedoesnotexist 80043206 The contract template does not exist.
unManagedidscontracttemplatenoabbreviation 8004320b Abbreviation can not be NULL.
unManagedidscontractunexpected 80043200 An unexpected error occurred in Contracts.
unManagedidscpbadpassword 80042901 Incorrect password for the specified customer portal user.
unManagedidscpdecryptfailed 80042903 Decryption of the password failed.
unManagedidscpencryptfailed 80042902 Encryption of the supplied password failed.
unManagedidscpuserdoesnotexist 80042900 The customer portal user does not exist, or the password was incorrect.
unManagedidscustomentityalreadyinitialized 80045901 Custom entity interface already initialized on this thread.
unManagedidscustomentityambiguousrelationship 8004590d More than one relationship between the requested entities exists.
unManagedidscustomentityexistingloop 80045907 There is an existing loop in the database.
unManagedidscustomentityinvalidchild 80045909 The supplied child passed in is not a valid entity.
unManagedidscustomentityinvalidownership 80045903 Custom entity ownership type mask is improperly set.
unManagedidscustomentityinvalidparent 8004590a The supplied parent passed in is not a valid entity.
unManagedidscustomentitynameviolation 80045900 Supplied entity found, but it is not a custom entity.
unManagedidscustomentitynorelationship 8004590c No relationship exists between the requested entities.
unManagedidscustomentitynotinitialized 80045902 Custom entity interface was not properly initialized.
unManagedidscustomentityparentchildidentical 8004590b The supplied parent and child entities are identical.
unManagedidscustomentitystackoverflow 80045905 Custom entity MD stack overflow.
unManagedidscustomentitystackunderflow 80045906 Custom entity MD stack underflow.
unManagedidscustomentitytlsfailure 80045904 Custom entity MD TLS not initialized.
unManagedidscustomentitywouldcreateloop 80045908 This association would create a loop in the database.
unManagedidscustomeraddresstypeinvalid 80040514 Invalid customer address type.
unManagedidscustomerisinactive 80040517 An inactive customer cannot be set as the parent of an object.
unManagedidscustomizationtransformationnotsupported 80044700 Transformation is not supported for this object.
unManagedidsdataaccessunexpected 80042300 Unexpected error in data access.  DB Connection may not have been opened successfully.
unManagedidsdataoutofrange 8004022c Data out of range
unManagedidsdiscountamount 80043b20 The discount type does not support 'percentage' discounts.
unManagedidsdiscountamountandpercent 80043b1f Both 'amount' and 'percentage' cannot be set.
unManagedidsdiscountpercent 80043b21 The discount type does not support 'amount' discounts.
unManagedidsdiscountrangeoverlap 80043b02 The new quantities overlap the range covered by existing quantities.
unManagedidsduplicateproductpricelevel 80043b08 This product and unit combination has a price for this price list.
unManagedidsentityislocked 80043b1d This entity is already locked.
unManagedidsentityisunlocked 80043b1e This entity is already unlocked.
unManagedidsevalaborted 80042c03 Evaluation aborted.
unManagedidsevalallaborted 80042c02 Evaluation aborted and stop further processing.
unManagedidsevalallcompleted 80042c0c Evaluation completed and stop further processing.
unManagedidsevalassignshouldhave4parameters 80042c01 Assign action should have 4 parameters.
unManagedidsevalchangetypeerror 80042c0d Change type error.
unManagedidsevalcompleted 80042c04 Evaluation completed.
unManagedidsevalcreateshouldhave2parameters 80042c3c Create action should have 2 parameters.
unManagedidsevalerrorabsparameter 80042c2c Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ABS parameter.
unManagedidsevalerroractivityattachment 80042c18 Error in action activity attachment.
unManagedidsevalerroraddparameter 80042c0f Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ADD parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorappendtoactivityparty 80042c3f unManagedidsevalerrorappendtoactivityparty
unManagedidsevalerrorassign 80042c22 Error in action assign.
unManagedidsevalerrorbeginwithparameter 80042c38 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BEGIN_WITH parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorbetweenparameter 80042c33 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BETWEEN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorcontainparameter 80042c3a Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_CONTAIN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorcreate 80042c3b Error in create update.
unManagedidsevalerrorcreateactivity 80042c17 Error in action create activity.
unManagedidsevalerrorcreateincident 80042c1d Error in action create incident.
unManagedidsevalerrorcreatenote 80042c1b Error in action create note.
unManagedidsevalerrordividedbyzero 80042c16 Divided by zero.
unManagedidsevalerrordivisionparameter 80042c13 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_DIVISION parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrordivisionparameters 80042c12 Division parameter can have only two subparameters.
unManagedidsevalerroremailtemplate 80042c21 Error in action email template.
unManagedidsevalerrorendwithparameter 80042c39 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_END_WITH parameter.
unManagedidsevalerroreqparameter 80042c31 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_EQ parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorexec 80042c27 Error in action exec.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatbooleanparameter 80042c45 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_BOOLEAN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatdatetimeparameter 80042c44 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_DATETIME parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatdecimalparameter 80042c4a Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_DECIMAL parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatintegerparameter 80042c49 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_INTEGER parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatlookupparameter 80042c4c Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_LOOKUP parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformatpicklistparameter 80042c46 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_PICKLIST parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorformattimezonecodeparameter 80042c4b unManagedidsevalerrorformattimezonecodeparameter
unManagedidsevalerrorgeqparameter 80042c2e Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GEQ parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorgtparameter 80042c2d Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GT parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorhalt 80042c28 Error in action halt.
unManagedidsevalerrorhandleactivity 80042c19 Error in action handle activity.
unManagedidsevalerrorhandleincident 80042c1e Error in action handle incident.
unManagedidsevalerrorincidentqueue 80042c29 Failed to evaluate INCIDENT_QUEUE.
unManagedidsevalerrorinlistparameter 80042c42 unManagedidsevalerrorinlistparameter
unManagedidsevalerrorinparameter 80042c34 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_IN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorinvalidparameter 80042c2b Invalid parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorinvalidrecipient 80042c35 Invalid email recipient.
unManagedidsevalerrorisnulllistparameter 80042c43 unManagedidsevalerrorisnulllistparameter
unManagedidsevalerrorleqparameter 80042c30 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LEQ parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorltparameter 80042c2f Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LT parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrormodulusparameter 80042c15 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MODULUR parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrormodulusparameters 80042c14 Modulus parameter can have only two subparameters.
unManagedidsevalerrormultiplicationparameter 80042c11 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MULTIPLICATION parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorneqparameter 80042c32 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_NEQ parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrornoteattachment 80042c1c Error in action note attachment.
unManagedidsevalerrorobjecttype 80042c48 Error happens when evaluating WFPM_GetObjectType parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorposturl 80042c26 Error in action posturl.
unManagedidsevalerrorqueueidparameter 80042c47 unManagedidsevalerrorqueueidparameter
unManagedidsevalerrorremovefromactivityparty 80042c40 unManagedidsevalerrorremovefromactivityparty
unManagedidsevalerrorroute 80042c24 Error in action route.
unManagedidsevalerrorsendemail 80042c20 Error in action send email.
unManagedidsevalerrorsetactivityparty 80042c41 unManagedidsevalerrorsetactivityparty
unManagedidsevalerrorsetstate 80042c25 Error in action set state.
unManagedidsevalerrorstrlenparameter 80042c37 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_STRLEN parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorsubstrparameter 80042c36 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBSTR parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorsubtractionparameter 80042c10 Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBTRACTION parameter.
unManagedidsevalerrorunhandleactivity 80042c1a Error in action unhandle activity.
unManagedidsevalerrorunhandleincident 80042c1f Error in action unhandle incident.
unManagedidsevalerrorupdate 80042c23 Error in action update.
unManagedidsevalgenericerror 80042c2a Evaluation error.
unManagedidsevalmetabaseattributenotfound 80042c08 The specified metabase attribute does not exist.
unManagedidsevalmetabaseattributenotmatchquery 80042c0b The specified refattributeid does not the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter.
unManagedidsevalmetabaseentitycompoundkeys 80042c07 The specified metabase object has compound keys. We do not support compound-key entities yet.
unManagedidsevalmetabaseentitynotmatchquery 80042c0a The specified refentityid does not the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter.
unManagedidsevalmissselectquery 80042c0e Missing the query subparameter in a select parameter.
unManagedidsevalobjectnotfound 80042c05 The required object does not exist.
unManagedidsevalpropertyisnull 80042c09 The required property of the object was not set.
unManagedidsevalpropertynotfound 80042c06 The required property of the object was not found.
unManagedidsevaltimererrorcalculatescheduletime 80042c3e Failed to calculate the schedule time for the timer action.
unManagedidsevaltimerinvalidparameternumber 80042c3d Invalid parameters for Timer action.
unManagedidsevalupdateshouldhave3parameters 80042c00 Update action should have 3 parameters.
unManagedidsfailureinittoken 8004020f Failure in obtaining user token.
unManagedidsfetchbetweentext 80044153 between, not-between, in, and not-in operators are not allowed on attributes of type text or ntext.
unManagedidsfirstworkflowinteropexception 80042800 unManagedidsfirstworkflowinteropexception
unManagedidsfulltextoperationfailed 80043000000 Full text operation failed.
unManagedidsincidentassociatedactivitycorrupted 80044405 The activity associated with this case is corrupted.
unManagedidsincidentcannotcancel 8004440e The incident can not be cancelled because there are open activities for this incident.
unManagedidsincidentcannotclose 8004440a The incident can not be closed because there are open activities for this incident.
unManagedidsincidentcontractdetaildoesnotmatchcontract 80044402 The contract line item is not in the specified contract.
unManagedidsincidentcontractdoesnothaveallotments 80044403 The contract does not have enough allotments. The case can not be created against this contract.
unManagedidsincidentinvalidactivitytypecode 80044406 The activitytypecode is wrong.
unManagedidsincidentinvalidallotmenttype 8004440b The allotment type for the contract is invalid.
unManagedidsincidentinvalidcontractlinestateforcreate 8004440d The case can not be created against this contract line item because the contract line item is cancelled or expired.
unManagedidsincidentinvalidcontractstateforcreate 80044400 The case can not be created against this contract because of the contract state.
unManagedidsincidentinvalidstate 80044404 Incident state is invalid.
unManagedidsincidentisalreadyclosedorcancelled 80044411 Already Closed or Canceled
unManagedidsincidentmissingactivityobjecttype 80044408 Missing object type code.
unManagedidsincidentmissingactivityregardingobject 80044409 The incident id is missing.
unManagedidsincidentmissingcontractdetail 80044401 The contract detail id is missing.
unManagedidsincidentnullactivitytypecode 80044407 The activitytypecode can't be NULL.
unManagedidsincidentnullspenttime 8004440c The timespent can't be NULL.
unManagedidsincidentparentaccountandparentcontactnotpresent 80044410 You should specify a parent contact or account.
unManagedidsincidentparentaccountandparentcontactpresent 8004440f You can either specify a parent contact or account, but not both.
unManagedidsinvalidassociation 80040211 Invalid association.
unManagedidsinvalidbaseunit 80043b0b The base unit does not belong to the schedule.
unManagedidsinvalidbusinessid 80040209 Invalid business id.
unManagedidsinvalidcustomer 8004022d The customer is invalid.
unManagedidsinvaliditemid 8004020b Invalid item id.
unManagedidsinvalidkit 80043afd The product is not a kit.
unManagedidsinvalidkitproduct 80043afe The product cannot be added to itself.
unManagedidsinvalidorgid 8004020a Invalid organization id.
unManagedidsinvalidowninguser 80040212 Item does not have an owning user.
unManagedidsinvalidparentid 80040206 The parent id is invalid or missing.
unManagedidsinvalidpriceperunit 80043b10 The price per unit is invalid.
unManagedidsinvalidquantitydecimalcode 80043afc The quantity decimal code is invalid.
unManagedidsinvalidsubstituteproduct 80043aff A product cannot be a substitute of itself.
unManagedidsinvalidteamid 80040208 Invalid team id.
unManagedidsinvaliduserauth 80040204 Invalid user auth.
unManagedidsinvaliduserid 80040207 The user id is invalid or missing.
unManagedidsinvaliduseridorbusinessidorusersbusinessinvalid 8004021d One of the following occurred: invalid user id, invalid business id or the user does not belong to the business.
unManagedidsinvalidvisibility 8004020e Invalid visibility.
unManagedidsinvalidvisibilitymodificationaccess 80040213 User does not have access to modify the visibility of this item.
unManagedidsinvoicecloseapideprecated 80043b25 The Invoice Close API is deprecated. It has been replaced by the Pay and Cancel APIs.
unManagedidsjournalinginvalideventtype 80040803 Invalid event type.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingaccountid 80040806 Account Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingcontactid 80040808 Contact Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingeventdirection 80040802 Event direction code missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingeventtype 80040804 Event type missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingincidentid 80040809 Incident Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingleadid 80040805 Lead Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingmissingopportunityid 80040807 Opportunity Id missed.
unManagedidsjournalingunsupportedobjecttype 80040801 Unsupported type of objects passed in operation.
unManagedidsleadalreadyinclosedstate 80040519 The lead is already closed.
unManagedidsleadalreadyinopenstate 80040518 The lead is already in the open state.
unManagedidsleaddoesnotexist 80040501 Lead does not exist.
unManagedidsleadnoparent 8004050b The lead does not have a parent.
unManagedidsleadnotassigned 8004050c The lead has not been assigned.
unManagedidsleadnotassignedtocaller 80040513 The lead is not being assigned to the caller for acceptance.
unManagedidsleadoneaccount 80040510 A lead can be associated with only one account.
unManagedidsleadusercannotreject 8004050d The user does not have the privilege to reject a lead, so he cannot be assigned the lead for acceptance.
unManagedidslicensecannotdelete 80042f07 The license cannot be deleted.  It is in use by one or more members of the organization.
unManagedidslicensecannotremoveadminlicense 80042f12 There is no available license remaining in the system to remove admin license for this user.
unManagedidslicensecannotremoveserverlicense 80042f13 Server License cannot be removed.
unManagedidslicensedoesnotexist 80042f0e The specified license does not exist for this organization.
unManagedidslicenseidretrievefailed 80042f03 Failed while retrieving the license ID.  Most likely a database error.
unManagedidslicenseinvaliddeployment 80042f0b The deployment has more licenses granted than were purchased.
unManagedidslicenseinvalidfororg 80042f06 The specified license is invalid for the organization.  There is a license conflict or the organization has already been granted the license.
unManagedidslicenseinvalidforuser 80042f02 The specified license is invalid for the user.  There is a license conflict or the user has already been granted the license.
unManagedidslicenseinvalidlicense 80042f00 The specified license type is invalid.
unManagedidslicenseinvalidlicensekey 80042f08 The license key is invalid.
unManagedidslicenseinvalidupgradecount 80042f10 Not enough licenses purchased to upgrade.
unManagedidslicenseinvalidupgradetype 80042f0f Cannot upgrade to specified license type.
unManagedidslicenseinvalidversion 80042f11 License key has an invalid version number.
unManagedidslicensenolicenses 80042f09 The user has not been granted any licenses or the user has not been assigned any roles.
unManagedidslicensenouserlicense 80042f04 The specified license is not granted to the user.
unManagedidslicenseorgretrievefailed 80042f05 Failed while retrieving organization license information.  Most likely a database error.
unManagedidslicensetoomanyusers 80042f0a The maximum number of users for this license has been reached.
unManagedidslicenseuserretrievefailed 80042f01 Failed while retrieving user license information.  Most likely a database error.
unManagedidslicensewrongorg 80042f0c Cannot retrieve license information for other organizations.
unManagedidslowquantitygreaterthanhighquantity 80043b01 Low quantity should be less than high quantity.
unManagedidslowquantitylessthanzero 80043b00 Low quantity should be greater than zero.
unManagedidsmergeactivequoteerror 80045302 Merge cannot be performed on sub-entity that has active quote.
unManagedidsmergecyclicalparentingerror 80045300 Merge could create cyclical parenting.
unManagedidsmergedifferentbizorgerror 80045303 Merge cannot be performed on entities from different business entity.
unManagedidsmergedifferentlyparentedwarning 80045316 Merge warning: sub-entity will be differently parented.
unManagedidsmergeentitiesidenticalerror 80045305 Merge cannot be performed on master and sub-entities that are identical.
unManagedidsmergeentitynotactiveerror 80045304 Merge cannot be performed on entity that is inactive.
unManagedidsmergelossofparentingwarning 80045317 Merge warning: sub-entity might lose parenting
unManagedidsmergesecurityerror 80045301 Merge is not allowed: caller does not have the privilege or access.
unManagedidsmetadatanoentity 80040 The specified entity does not exist
unManagedidsmetadatanomapping 800400 The mapping between specified entities does not exist
unManagedidsmetadatanorelationship 8004000 The relationship does not exist
unManagedidsmissingopportunityid 80043b15 The opportunity id is missing or invalid.
unManagedidsmissingpricelevelid 80043b12 The price level id is missing.
unManagedidsmissingproductid 80043b11 The product id is missing.
unManagedidsmissinguomid 80043b0d The unit id is missing.
unManagedidsmissinguomscheduleid 80043b0a The unit schedule id is missing.
unManagedidsnorelationship 80040236 No relationship exists between the objects specified.
unManagedidsnotesalreadyattached 80041701 The specified note is already attached to an object.
unManagedidsnotesloopbeingcreated 80041703 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the annotation hierarchy.
unManagedidsnotesloopexists 80041702 A loop exists in the annotation hierarchy.
unManagedidsnotesnoattachment 80041704 The specified note has no attachments.
unManagedidsnotesnotedoesnotexist 80041700 The specified note does not exist.
unManagedidsopportunityalreadyinopenstate 8004051a The opportunity is already in the open state.
unManagedidsopportunitycannotbeclosed 80040516 The opportunity cannot be closed.
unManagedidsopportunitydoesnotexist 80040500 Opportunity does not exist.
unManagedidsopportunityinvalidparent 80040504 The parent of an opportunity must be an account or contact.
unManagedidsopportunityisalreadyclosed 80040515 The opportunity is already closed.
unManagedidsopportunitymissingparent 80040505 The parent of the opportunity is missing.
unManagedidsopportunityoneaccount 8004050e An opportunity can be associated with only one account.
unManagedidsopportunityorphan 8004050f Removing this association will make the opportunity an orphan.
unManagedidsoutofmemory 80040222 Out of memory.
unManagedidsownernotenabled 8004022b The specified owner has been disabled.
unManagedidsparentreadonly 80043b09 The parent is read only and cannot be edited.
unManagedidspresentparentaccountandparentcontact 80040508 You can either specify a contacts parent contact or its account, but not both.
unManagedidspresentuseridandteamid 8004021c Both the user id and team id are present. Only one should be present.
unManagedidspricelevelnameexists 80043b0f The name already exists.
unManagedidspricelevelnoname 80043b0e The name can not be null.
unManagedidsproductdoesnotexist 80043b24 The product does not exist.
unManagedidsproductinvalidpricelevelpercentage 80043b0c The pricing percentage must be greater than or equal to zero and less than 100000.
unManagedidsproductinvalidquantitydecimal 80043b07 The number of decimal places on the quantity is invalid.
unManagedidsproductinvalidunit 80043b14 The specified unit is not valid for this product.
unManagedidsproductkitloopbeingcreated 80043b23 Using this product would create a loop in the kit hierarchy.
unManagedidsproductkitloopexists 80043b22 Loop exists in the kit hierarchy.
unManagedidsproductmissinguomscheduleid 80043b13 The unit schedule id of the product is missing.
unManagedidsproductnoproductnumber 80043b05 The product number can not be null.
unManagedidsproductproductnumberexists 80043b06 The product number already exists.
unManagedidspropbagattributealreadyset 8004203f One of the attributes passed has already been set
unManagedidspropbagattributenotnullable 8004203e One of the attributes passed cannot be NULL
unManagedidspropbagcolloutofrange 8004201e The bag index in the collection was out of range.
unManagedidspropbagnointerface 80042001 The property bag interface could not be found.
unManagedidspropbagnullproperty 80042002 The specified property was null in the property bag.
unManagedidspropbagpropertynotfound 80042000 The specified property was not found in the property bag.
unManagedidsquantityreadonly 80043b18 Do not modify the Quantity field when you update the primary unit.
unManagedidsqueuemissingbusinessunitid 80043000 Missing businessunitid.
unManagedidsqueueorganizationidnotmatch 800430000 Callers' organization Id does not match businessunit's organization Id.
unManagedidsrcsyncfilternoaccess 8004410f Cannot go offline: missing access rights on required entity.
unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidfiltererror 8004410d Invalid filter specified.
unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidsubscription 80044109 The specified subscription does not exist.
unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidsynctime 80044100 The specified sync time is invalid.  Sync times must not be earlier than those returned by the previous sync.  Please reinitialize your subscription.
unManagedidsrcsyncmsxmlfailed 80044101 unManagedidsrcsyncmsxmlfailed
unManagedidsrcsyncnoclient 80044113 Client does not exist.
unManagedidsrcsyncnoprimary 80044112 No primary client exists.
unManagedidsrcsyncnotprimary 80044111 Cannot sync: not the primary OutlookSync client.
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapconnfailed 80044103 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapconnfailed
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapfaulterror 80044106 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapfaulterror
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapgenfailed 80044102 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapgenfailed
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapparseerror 80044108 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapparseerror
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapreaderror 80044107 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapreaderror
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapsendfailed 80044104 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapsendfailed
unManagedidsrcsyncsoapservererror 80044105 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapservererror
unManagedidsrcsyncsqlgenericerror 80044110 unManagedidsrcsyncsqlgenericerror
unManagedidsrcsyncsqlpausederror 8004410c unManagedidsrcsyncsqlpausederror
unManagedidsrcsyncsqlstoppederror 8004410b unManagedidsrcsyncsqlstoppederror
unManagedidsrcsyncsubscriptionowner 8004410a The caller id does not match the subscription owner id.  Only subscription owners may perform subscription operations.
unManagedidsrolesdeletenonparentrole 8004140c Cannot delete a role that is inherited from a parent business.
unManagedidsrolesinvaliddepth 8004140b Invalid privilege depth.
unManagedidsrolesinvalidroledata 80041400 The role data is invalid.
unManagedidsrolesinvalidroleid 80041401 Invalid role ID.
unManagedidsrolesinvalidrolename 8004140a The role name is invalid.
unManagedidsrolesinvalidtemplateid 80041404 Invalid role template ID.
unManagedidsrolesmissbusinessid 80041406 The role's business unit ID was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsrolesmissprivid 80041408 The privilege ID was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsrolesmissroleid 80041405 The role ID was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsrolesmissrolename 80041407 The role name was unexpectedly missing.
unManagedidsrolesrestrictinherited 80044152 Inherited roles cannot be modified.
unManagedidsrolesrolealreadyexists 80041403 A role with the specified name already exists.
unManagedidsrolesroledoesnotexist 80041402 The specified role does not exist.
unManagedidsrolesuserinwrongbiz 80041409 The user belongs to a different business unit than the role.
unManagedidsrspropbagdbinfoalreadyset 8004203d The DB info for the recordset property bag has already been set.
unManagedidsrspropbagdbinfonotset 8004203c The DB info for the recordset property bag has not been set.
unManagedidssalespeopleduplicatecalendarfound 80043802 Duplicate fiscal calendars found for this salesperson/year
unManagedidssalespeopleduplicatecalendarnotallowed 80043803 Fiscal calendar already exists for this salesperson/year
unManagedidssalespeopleemptyeffectivedate 80043801 Fiscal calendar effective date cannot be empty
unManagedidssalespeopleemptysalesperson 80043800 Parent salesperson cannot be empty
unManagedidssalespeoplefiscalsettingsalreadyupdated 80043809 Fiscal settings have already been updated. They can be updated only once.
unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidfiscalcalendartype 80043808 Invalid fiscal calendar type
unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidfiscalperiodindex 80043807 Invalid fiscal period index
unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidterritoryobjecttype 80043804 Territories cannot be retrieved by this kind of object
unManagedidssalespeoplemanagernotallowed 80043805 Territory manager cannot belong to other territory
unManagedidssalespeopleterritorynotempty 80043806 There are business objects assigned to this territory
unManagedidssqlerror 80044150 Generic SQL error.
unManagedidssqltimeouterror 80044151 SQL timeout expired.
unManagedidsstatedoesnotexist 80043af9 The state is not valid for this object.
unManagedidssubjectdoesnotexist 8004300 Subject does not exist.
unManagedidssubjectloopbeingcreated 800430 Creating this parental association would create a loop in Subjects hierarchy.
unManagedidssubjectloopexists 80043 Loop exists in the subjects hierarchy.
unManagedidstimebombexpired 80042f0d The evaluation period for Microsoft CRM Beta has expired.
unManagedidsunitdoesnotexist 80043b1b The unit does not exist.
unManagedidsunitloopbeingcreated 80043b1a Using this base unit would create a loop in the unit hierarchy.
unManagedidsunitloopexists 80043b19 Loop exists in the unit hierarchy.
unManagedidsunitnotinschedule 80043b16 The unit does not exist in the specified unit schedule.
unManagedidsusernotenabled 80040225 The specified user is either disabled or is not a member of any business unit.
unManagedidsviewisnotsharable 80040232 The view is not sharable.
unManagedidsworkflowactioninvalidstepid 8004263e Action has an invalid step Id.
unManagedidsworkflowcannotactivateprocesstemplate 80042636 Cannot activate/deactivate a process template.
unManagedidsworkflowcannotcloneforupdate 80042606 Cannot clone a process for update if the process has not been put in production.
unManagedidsworkflowcannotcreatemanagedproxy 80042649 Failed to cocreateinstance of workflow managed interop proxy.
unManagedidsworkflowcannotcreateworkflowhost 8004264a Failed to cocreateinstance of workflow host.
unManagedidsworkflowcannotdeactivateprocesstemplate 80042638 Cannot activate/deactivate a process template.
unManagedidsworkflowconditioninvalidruleid 80042640 Condition has an invalid rule Id.
unManagedidsworkflowexceptionthrown 8004264b Exception thrown at workflow execution
unManagedidsworkflowfailedlaunchprocess 8004263c Failed to launch process.
unManagedidsworkflowillegalactionidinconditionparameter 80042609 Condition parameter cannot contain an action id.
unManagedidsworkflowillegalconditionidinactionparameter 80042608 Action parameter cannot contain a condition id.
unManagedidsworkflowillegalnextstepid 80042622 Illegal nextstepid. Either nextstepid is not compatible with rule type, or rule type is missed.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalidactiontypecode 80042633 Invalid action type code.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalidconditiontype 80042612 Invalid condition type.
unManagedidsworkflowinvaliddatatype 80042610 Invalid data type.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalidentitytype 8004261f Invalid entitytype. Only ownable entities can participate workflow.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalideventypecode 8004260a Invalid event type code.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalidinitialstepid 8004263a Invalid initialstepid. Either the initialstepid is not valid for this process or the API does not allow passing in initialstepid.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalidnextstepid 80042616 Invalid nextstepid. The nextstepid does not point to a defined step in the process.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalidparametertype 8004260f Invalid parameter type.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalidprocesstypecode 80042621 Invalid processtypecode.
unManagedidsworkflowinvalidruletype 80042614 Invalid rule type.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingactionidinactionparameter 80042635 Missing actionid in action parameter.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingactiontypecode 80042632 Missing action type code.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingconditionidinconditionparameter 80042634 Missing conditionid in condition parameter.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingconditiontype 80042611 Missing condition type code.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingentitytype 8004261e Missing entitytype.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingeventtypecode 80042631 Missing event type code.
unManagedidsworkflowmissinginitialstepid 80042639 Missing initialstepid.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingparametertype 8004260e Missing parameter type.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingprocesstypecode 80042620 Missing processtypecode.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingruletype 80042613 Missing Rule type.
unManagedidsworkflowmissingusercontext 8004263b Missing user context.
unManagedidsworkflowmorethanoneobjectprocessinstance 80042646 Cannot launch the object process because another object process instance has already run.
unManagedidsworkflowonlyoneactiveprocess 8004261d Only one active process allowed for each entity type.
unManagedidsworkflowonlyoneactivesalesprocess 80042637 Only one active sales process allowed.
unManagedidsworkflowparameterillegalattributeid 80042629 Illegal parameter attributeid. Either setting parameter attributeid is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
unManagedidsworkflowparameterillegalobjectid 80042630 Illegal parameter ObjectId. Either setting parameter objectid is not compatible with parameter type or parameter type is missed.
unManagedidsworkflowparameterillegalrefactionid 8004262c Illegal parameter refactionid. Either setting parameter refactionid is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
unManagedidsworkflowparameterillegalvalue 80042628 Illegal parameter value. Either setting parameter value is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
unManagedidsworkflowparameterinvalidactionid 80042641 Parameter has an invalid action Id.
unManagedidsworkflowparameterinvalidconditionid 80042642 Parameter has an invalid condition Id.
unManagedidsworkflowparameterinvalidparentid 8004262e Invalid parentid. The parameter parentid does not point to a defined parameter for the same condition or action.
unManagedidsworkflowparameterinvalidrefactionid 8004260d Invalid refactionid. The refactionid does not point to a defined action in the process.
unManagedidsworkflowparametermissingattributeid 80042619 AttributeId missed in parameter.
unManagedidsworkflowparametermissingnextstepid 8004262d Missing nextstepid.
unManagedidsworkflowparametermissingobjectid 8004262f ObjectId missed in parameter.
unManagedidsworkflowparametermissingrefactionid 8004261c RefActionId missed in parameter.
unManagedidsworkflowparametermissingvalue 80042618 Value missed in parameter.
unManagedidsworkflowprocesscannotdeleteinitstep 80042607 Cannot delete the initial step of the process.
unManagedidsworkflowprocessinstanceinterrupted 80042645 unManagedidsworkflowprocessinstanceinterrupted
unManagedidsworkflowprocessinstanceisnotactive 80042600 Workflow process instance is terminated.
unManagedidsworkflowprocessinstanceisnotcomplete 80042602 Workflow process instance is not terminated.
unManagedidsworkflowprocessinstancemoremessages 80042644 unManagedidsworkflowprocessinstancemoremessages
unManagedidsworkflowprocessinstancenotexist 8004263d Process instance does not exist.
unManagedidsworkflowprocessinstancenotowned 80042643 Process instance not owned.
unManagedidsworkflowprocessisactive 80042604 The process is activated. You cannot update an activated process.
unManagedidsworkflowprocessnotactive 80042605 The process is not activated.
unManagedidsworkflowpropertynotfound 80042601 Expression property not found.
unManagedidsworkflowruleinvalidstepid 8004263f Rule has an invalid step Id.
unManagedidsworkflowrunninginstancesexist 80042603 There are still running instances for this process.
unManagedidsworkflowsalesprocessnotfound 80042648 Sales process not found for this opportunity.
unManagedidsworkflowworkflowservicenotfound 80042647 Cannot connect to workflow service.
unManagedidsxmlinvalidcollectionname 80041a03 The collection name specified is incorrect
unManagedidsxmlinvalidcreate 80041a01 A field that is not valid for create was specified
unManagedidsxmlinvalidentityattributes 80041a06 Invalid attributes
unManagedidsxmlinvalidentityname 80041a00 The entity name specified is incorrect
unManagedidsxmlinvalidfield 80041a07 An invalid value was passed in for a field
unManagedidsxmlinvalidread 80041a08 A field that is not valid for read was specified
unManagedidsxmlinvalidupdate 80041a02 A field that is not valid for update was specified
unManagedidsxmlparseerror 80041a04 A parse error was encountered in the XML
unManagedidsxmlunexpected 80041a05 An unexpected error has occurred
unManagedinvalddbtimefield 800404d9 The platform cannot handle dbtime fields.
unManagedinvalidargumentsforcondition 800404b7 An invalid number of arguments was supplied to a condition.
unManagedinvalidbinaryfield 800404dc The platform cannot handle binary fields.
unManagedinvalidbusinessunitid 800404a7 The businessunitid is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidcharacterdataforaggregate 800404de Character data is not valid when clearing an aggregate.
unManagedinvalidcountvalue 800404c1 The count value is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvaliddbdatefield 800404da The platform cannot handle dbdate fields.
unManagedinvaliddynamicparameteraccessor 800404d5 SetParam failed processing the DynamicParameterAccessor parameter.
unManagedinvalidequalityoperand 800404ac Only QB_LITERAL is supported for equality operand.
unManagedinvalidescapedxml 800404a1 Escaped xml size not as expected.
unManagedinvalidfieldtype 800404d8 The platform cannot handle the specified field type.
unManagedinvalidlinkobjects 800404ba Invalid link entity, link to attribute, or link from attribute.
unManagedinvalidoperator 800404c7 The operator provided is not valid.
unManagedinvalidorganizationid 800404be The organizationid is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidowningbusinessunit 800404a8 The owningbusinessunit is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidowningbusinessunitorbusinessunitid 800404bc The owningbusinessunit or businessunitid is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidowninguser 800404bd The owninguser is mising or invalid.
unManagedinvalidpagevalue 800404c2 The page value is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvalidparametertypeforparameterizedquery 800404d6 A parameterized query is not supported for the supplied parameter type.
unManagedinvalidprincipal 8004049e The principal id is missing or invalid.
unManagedinvalidprivilegeedepth 800404bb Invalid privilege depth for user.
unManagedinvalidprivilegeid 800404ce The privilege id is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvalidprivilegeusergroup 800404cd The privilege user group id is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvalidprocesschildofcondition 800404b4 ProcessChildOfCondition was called with non-child-of condition.
unManagedinvalidprocessliternalcondition 800404b1 ProcessLiteralCondition is only valid for use with Rollup queries.
unManagedinvalidsecurityprincipal 800404d2 The security principal is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvalidstreamfield 800404d7 The platform cannot handle stream fields.
unManagedinvalidtlsmananger 800404a2 Failed to retrieve TLS Manager.
unManagedinvalidtrxcountforcommit 80040400 The transaction count was expected to be 1 in order to commit.
unManagedinvalidtrxcountforrollback 8004040 The transaction count was expected to be 1 in order to rollback.
unManagedinvalidvaluettagoutsideconditiontag 800404bf A invalid value tag was found outside of it's condition tag.
unManagedinvalidversionvalue 800404c0 The version value is invalid or missing.
unManagedinvaludidispatchfield 800404db The platform cannot handle idispatch fields.
unManagedmissingaddressentity 800404cb The address entity could not be found.
unManagedmissingattributefortag 800404c5 An expected attribute was not found for the tag specified.
unManagedmissingdataaccess 800404df The data access could not be retrieved from the ExecutionContext.
unManagedmissingfilterattribute 800404ad Missing filter attribute.
unManagedmissinglinkentity 800404b2 Unexpected error locating link entity.
unManagedMissingObjectType 80042003 Object type must be specified for one of the attributes.
unManagedmissingparentattributeonentity 800404b5 The parent attribute was not found on the expected entity.
unManagedmissingparententity 80040400000 The parent entity could not be located.
unManagedmissingpreviousownertype 800404d0 Unable to determine the previous owner's type.
unManagedmissingreferencesfromrelationship 800404c9 Unable to access a relationship in an entity's ReferencesFrom collection.
unManagedmissingreferencingattribute 800404c8 The relationship's ReferencingAttribute is missing or invalid.
unManagedmorethanonesortattribute 800404a6 More than one sort attributes were defined.
unManagedObjectTypeUnexpected 80042004 Object type was specified for one of the attributes that does not allow it.
unManagedparentattributenotfound 800404a4 The parent attribute was not found for the child attribute.
unManagedpartylistattributenotsupported 800404b8 Attributes of type partylist are not supported.
unManagedpendingtrxexists 800404000 A pending transaction already exists.
unManagedproxycreationfailed 8004049f Cannot create an instance of managed proxy.
unManagedteamownershipunsupported 800404cf Team ownership is not supported.
unManagedtrxinterophandlerset 800404dd The TrxInteropHandler has already been set.
unManagedunablegetexecutioncontext 8004040000 Failed to retrieve execution context (TLS).
unManagedunablegetsessiontoken 800404d3 Unable to retrieve the session token.
unManagedunablegetsessiontokennotrx 800404d4 Unable to retrieve the session token as there are no pending transactions.
unManagedunableswitchusercontext 800404 Cannot set to a different user context.
unManagedunabletoaccessqueryplan 800404a5 Unable to access the query plan.
unManagedunabletoaccessqueryplanfilter 800404c6 Unable to access a filter in the query plan.
unManagedunabletolocateconditionfilter 800404c3 Unexpected error locating the filter for the condition.
unManagedunabletoretrieveprivileges 800404a0 Failed to retrieve privileges.
unManagedunexpectedpropertytype 800404cc Unexpected type for the property.
unManagedunexpectedrimarykey 800404b3 Primary key attribute was not as expected.
unManagedunknownaggregateoperation 800404b6 An unknown aggregate operation was supplied.
unManagedunusablevariantdata 800404af Variant supplied contains data in an unusable format.
UnpopulatedPrimaryKey 8004023d Primary Key must be populated for calls to platform on rich client in offline mode.
UnspecifiedActivityXmlForCampaignActivityPropagate 80040318 Must specify an Activity Xml for CampaignActivity Execute/Distribute
UnsupportedListMemberType 80040301 Unsupported list member type.
UnsupportedParameter 80040320 A parameter specified is not supported by the Bulk Operation
UpdateAttributeMap 80046204 UpdateAttributeMap Error Occurred
UpdateEntityMap 80046201 UpdateEntityMap Error Occurred
UserCancelledMailMerge 8004032f The mail merge operation was cancelled by the user.
UserIdOrQueueNotSet 8.00404E+13 Primary User Id or Destination Queue Type code not set
UserTimeConvertException 80040241 Failed to convert user time zone information.
UserTimeZoneException 80040240 Failed to retrieve user time zone information.

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