Field Type: Date/Time

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The following properties are available:

Date/Time properties Type Description
{Field}.DataValue Date or Null Get/set property.

The original value is left unchanged if the new value cannot be parsed.

{Field}.TimeVisible Boolean Get property.

This property specifies if the time is to be shown.


The following code example shows how to use a field of type Date/Time.

var oDate;
var oToday;

oDate =  crmForm.all.scheduledend.DataValue;
if (oDate == null) {
    oDate = new Date();

oToday = new Date();
oDate = oToday;
oDate = oDate.setHours(17,0,0);

if (oDate.TimeVisible)
   alert("The time is visible.");
   alert("Only the date is visible; the time is hidden.");

crmForm.all.scheduledend.DataValue = oDate;

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