Getting Started

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The following sections will help you get started using the Microsoft CRM SDK.

In This Topic

What's New in Microsoft CRM 3.0

Provides a brief summary of the new features in this version.

Document Conventions

Shows the typographic conventions used in the Microsoft CRM SDK documentation.

Related Documentation

Provides a list of additional documentation that is useful for working with Microsoft CRM.

See Also

Server Programming Guide

Provides an architectural overview of Microsoft CRM, the entity model, security model, Web services, sample code and a detailed reference section.

Client Programming Guide

Describes the methods that you can use to customize the navigation model of the Web and Microsoft Outlook clients, how to write scripts within forms and how to open Microsoft CRM 3.0 Web pages. This section also contains a UI Style guide that shows you how to integrate your customizations with the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Web client.

Report Writers Guide

Provides information for developers writing reports for Microsoft CRM 3.0 using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Report Designer.

Appendix A: Security Roles and Privileges

Provides a detailed list of the roles and privileges provided.

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