TimeBlock Element

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Specifies settings that control the appearance of the rendered blocks in the service calendar. A different CSS style can be mapped to each status for each supported entity type.


Number of occurrences Zero or more
Parent elements TimeBlocks
Child elements None


Name Description Type Required
EntityType Specifies the entity type code displayed in the time block.

Valid Values:

4214 – service activity
4201 - appointment

String Yes
StatusCode Specifies the status of the entity of the displayed time block. String Yes
CssClass Specifies the CSS style (color) to use to render the given EntityType and StatusCode.

You can customize the color by mapping to a different style in the .css file that defines them. The .css file is located at <Install path>\SM\Gantt\style\GanttControl.css.

String Yes
Client Specifies the intended client for the control. The default is blank which shows in both.

Valid values:


String No
AvailableOffline Set this to true if the control does not depend on the user being connected to the organization's network.

Valid values:

true = control is displayed when offline [default]
false = control is not displayed when offline

Boolean No


The following code sample shows the use of the <AppointmentBook> element.

  <!-- All CSS Class mapping for Service actiivties -->
  <TimeBlock EntityType="4214" StatusCode="1"
             CssClass="ganttBlockServiceActivityStatus1" />
  <TimeBlock EntityType="4214" StatusCode="2"
             CssClass="ganttBlockServiceActivityStatus2" />
  <TimeBlock EntityType="4214" StatusCode="3" 
             CssClass="ganttBlockServiceActivityStatus3" />

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