SetBusinessSystemUserRequest Class

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Specifies the parameters needed to move a system user (user) to a different business unit.

The SetBusinessSystemUserRequest class inherits from Request. It exposes the following members.

Constructor Description
SetBusinessSystemUserRequest Initializes a new instance of the SetBusinessSystemUserRequest class.

Field Description
BusinessId Specifies the ID of the business unit to which the user is moved.
ReassignPrincipal Specifies the target security principal (team or user) to which the instances of entities previously owned by the user are to be assigned.
UserId Specifies the ID of the user.


A value for the ReassignPrincipal field must be provided. The instances of the entities that had been assigned to the specified user are assigned to that security principal (team or user). If any of the direct reports of the user are no longer in the new business unit hierarchy after the user is moved, these direct reports are updated to report to the previous manager of the user. If the user has been moved out of his or her manager business unit hierarchy, the manager of the user is set to null. You may list the same user if you would like the user to retain the entities that he or she had been assigned.

Pass an instance of this class as the request parameter in the Execute method.

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