SubArea Element

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Specifies the elements displayed in the left navigation pane for each area.


Number of occurrences Zero or more.
Parent elements Group
Child elements Privilege


Name Description Type Required
AvailableOffline Controls whether SubArea is available Offline

Valid values:


Boolean No
Client Specifies the type of client

Default: All

Valid values:


Multiple values can be used as long as they are separated by a comma and do not contain spaces.

String No
Description Specifies a string describing the SubArea. It is vsible in the Outlook client when the parent folder of the Sub-Area is selected String No
DescriptionResourceID For internal use only String No
Entity Specifies the schema name for the entity String No
Icon Specifies the icon to display String No
ID Specifies a unique identifier in ASCII, with no spaces

Valid values:

a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and underscore (_)

String Yes
License Specifies the user license requirement that determines whether the sub-area is displayed

Valid values:


OutlookShortcutIcon Specifies the icon to display in the Outlook client String No
ResourceId Used internally to address a localized label to display

Valid values:

a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and underscore (_)

String No
Title Specifies the label to display. This overrides the attribute RecourceId. For example, Sales String No
URL Specifies the Url to render for this SubArea String No


The <SubArea> element must contain a value for either the Title or the ResourceId attribute.

For the Outlook client, titles must be defined through the Entity, ResourceId, or Title attribute and must be unique within the parent group.

More than one instance of the same pages may occur so you must ensure that each belongs to different combinations of clients and offline modes.

These changes affect the structure of Outlook client shortcuts as well as the Web client Go To menu.


The following shows an example of the <SubArea> element.

<SubArea Id="nav_dashboard" Title="CRM Dashboard"
         Url="/dashboard/dashboard.aspx" />

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