URL Addressable Forms

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Each form in the Microsoft CRM 3.0 application is a Web page that is identified by a unique URL address. When you type in an address, a window opens with the specified form.


To open a create form, use the following:

http://<server name>/SFA/accts/edit.aspx

To open an edit form, specify the object ID:

http://<server name>/SFA/accts/edit.aspx?id=<object id>

The following table lists the URLs that are associated with each entity.

Entity URL
Account http://<server name>/SFA/accts/edit.aspx
Contact http://<server name>/SFA/conts/edit.aspx
Opportunity http://<server name>/SFA/opps/edit.aspx
Case (Incident) http://<server name>/CS/cases/edit.aspx
Product http://<server name>/Products/product/edit.aspx
E-mail http://<server name>/Activities/email/edit.aspx
Task http://<server name>/Activities/task/edit.aspx
Campaigns http://<server name>/MA/camps/edit.aspx
Custom http://<server name>/UserDefined/edit.aspx?etc=<entity_code>

http://<server name>/UserDefined/edit.aspx?etc=<entity_code>&id=<object_id>

You can use a simple script in an OnLoad event to find the entity code for a custom entity. See OnLoad. For more information about how to use an OnLoad script to find the type code for an entity, see How to Find the Entity Type Code.

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