ASP.NET Optimization

ASP.NET incorporates a variety of features and tools that allow you to design and implement high-performance Web applications. These features include:

  • An improved process model.
  • Compilation of requested pages and automatic storage on the server.
  • ASP.NET-specific performance counters.
  • Web application testing tools.

ASP.NET also gives you the ability to create Web applications that can handle the demands of processing large numbers of requests simultaneously.

In This Section

ASP.NET Performance Overview
Introduces the performance improvements offered by ASP.NET and outlines the main concepts of performance tuning for Web applications.
Developing High-Performance ASP.NET Applications
Details techniques that can help you develop ASP.NET Web applications with fast response times and high levels of throughput.
Monitoring ASP.NET Application Performance
Provides a brief overview of the tools and methods that you can use to monitor your ASP.NET Web applications, as well as a list of the performance counters that ship with ASP.NET.

Related Sections

ASP.NET Caching Features
Outlines the caching mechanisms that ASP.NET offers.
Monitoring Performance Thresholds
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