Company accounts and Virtual company accounts

Dynamics AX 4.0

A single Microsoft Dynamics AX database is capable of holding many individual companies. Once company accounts are created, you can set up virtual companies that share tables from the main Microsoft Dynamics AX database.

Virtual company accounts contain data in certain tables that are shared by any number of company accounts. This allows users to post information in one company that will be available to another company.

This is useful when a client has multiple companies that can share non-transactional information such as vendor accounts, customer accounts, postal (Zip) codes, tax codes, and so on. This saves you from having to set up the same records in each company.

If you would like to use virtual companies at some time in the future, it is best to set up the virtual companies from the beginning of the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. This avoids problems with combining records into a shared table at some time in the future.

Before you can create or modify a virtual company account, the following must be established:

  • The application object server that the administrator is connected to must be the only one running. All other application object servers must be shut down.

  • Only the administrator who is creating the virtual company account can be connected; only one active client connection is allowed.

After you create or modify a virtual company account, you must restart the Microsoft Dynamics AX client in order to update the client with the new virtual company account information.