Set up application security

Dynamics AX 4.0

Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to add, remove and modify functionality by adjusting the relationships of the licensing, configuration and security subsystems. For information about how these subsystems are related, see Microsoft Dynamics AX configuration hierarchy.

  • Licensing – The licensing system allows a customer to unlock purchased sets of functionality for use within an installation. For more information, see Add license keys.

  • Configuration Keys – The Configuration Key system allows an administrator to set the availability of functionality for the entire system. These modifications are to subsets of a module's functionality that are not currently necessary to have enabled within the system. From a security perspective, the removal of unused functionality reduces the surface that is open to attack. For more information, see Enable and disable configuration keys.

  • Security system – The security system allows an administrator to control access to system elements (such as windows, menu items, and tables). These settings are set by user group and domain combinations.

  1. Create users - See User configuration and security.

  2. Create user groups - See User group configuration and security.

  3. Create company accounts - See Company accounts and security.

  4. Create domains - See Domains and security.

  5. Set security keys for user group/domain combinations - See Security keys.

  6. Set table and field access - See Table and field access.

  7. Set record level security - See Manage record-level security.