Managing access to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX 4.0

Microsoft Dynamics AX includes several features to help manage access to modules, forms, data, and reports. These features include domains, user groups, and record-level security.

To add an additional layer of security to your computing environment, Microsoft Dynamics AX requires that all users be listed in Microsoft Active Directory directory services on your domain controller before they can be enabled on the Microsoft Dynamics AX form. If users are not enabled on this form, they cannot access Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Restricting access to forms, data, and reports requires—at the very least—that you create user groups, set permissions for those groups, and add users to the system. You can further refine access using domains and record-level security. This section includes the following:



Manage domains

Describes how to restrict access according to company accounts using the domains feature. The domains feature requires a separate license.

Manage user groups

Describes how to restrict access by creating unique groups.

Manage permissions

Describes how to set permissions on user groups.

Manage users

Describes how to create and manage users.

Manage record-level security

Describes how to set restrictions on specific items, including forms and database tables.

Troubleshoot access management

Describes how to troubleshoot common problems with access management features.