Migrate open transactions

Open transactions are unpaid or partly settled customer and vendor invoices that exist before you migrate to Microsoft Dynamics AX. How you process open transactions depends on the needs of your business.

The following information provides guidelines about how to process open transactions. You may be required to transfer more information or less information, depending on local accounting rules.


Because the transactions were not created in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you will lose all historical references to transactions. For more information about historical data in a migration, see Migrate historical transaction data.

Consider the following guidelines when you work with open transactions:

  • Because open transactions must be processed manually, try to minimize the number of open transactions before migrating to Microsoft Dynamics AX. Settle as many accounts receivable and accounts payable as possible before transferring transactions.

  • Partly settled invoices should indicate only the original total amount, represented as a text string, and the current open balance.

  • Create journals for customers and vendors, and enter open transactions by using one line for each unsettled invoice. Post directly to the Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable (AR/AP) accounts. In addition, use the AR/AP ledger control account as the offset account.

    This method of creating journals allows each journal line to be balanced and the net AR/AP ledger control account posting to be 0 (zero). This method requires the General Ledger opening balance to include the control account totals.

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