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SQL Server 2000

Contains one row for views accessible to the current user in the current database. The INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS is based on the sysobjects and syscomments system tables.

To retrieve information from these views, specify the fully qualified name of INFORMATION_SCHEMA view_name.

Column name Data type Description
TABLE_CATALOG nvarchar(128) View qualifier.
TABLE_SCHEMA nvarchar(128) View owner.
TABLE_NAME nvarchar(128) View name.
VIEW_DEFINITION nvarchar(4000) If the length of definition is greater than nvarchar(4000), this column is NULL; otherwise, this column is the view definition text.
CHECK_OPTION varchar(7) Type of WITH CHECK OPTION. Is CASCADE if the original view was created using the WITH CHECK OPTION. Otherwise, NONE is returned.
IS_UPDATABLE varchar(2) Specifies whether the view is updatable. Always returns NO.

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