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SQL Server 2000

Contains one row for each user-defined data type, accessible to the current user in the current database, with a rule bound to it. The INFORMATION_SCHEMA.DOMAIN_CONSTRAINTS view is based on the sysobjects and systypes system tables.

To retrieve information from these views, specify the fully qualified name of INFORMATION_SCHEMA view_name.

Column name Data type Description
CONSTRAINT_CATALOG nvarchar(128) Database in which the rule exists.
CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA nvarchar(128) Rule owner.
CONSTRAINT_NAME sysname Rule name.
DOMAIN_CATALOG nvarchar(128) Database in which the user-defined data type exists.
DOMAIN_SCHEMA nvarchar(128) User that created the user-defined data type.
DOMAIN_NAME sysname User-defined data type.
IS_DEFERRABLE varchar(2) Specifies whether constraint checking is deferrable. Always returns NO.
INITIALLY_DEFERRED varchar(2) Specifies whether constraint checking is initially deferred. Always returns NO.

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