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SQL Server 2000

Returns the ID, name, root directory, status, and number of full-text indexed tables for the specified full-text catalog.


sp_help_fulltext_catalogs [ @fulltext_catalog_name = ] 'fulltext_catalog_name'


[@fulltext_catalog_name =] 'fulltext_catalog_name'

Is the name of the full-text catalog. fulltext_catalog_name is sysname. If this parameter is omitted or has the value NULL, information about all full-text catalogs associated with the current database is returned.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or (1) failure

Result Sets

This table shows the result set, which is ordered by ftcatid.

Column name Data type Description
ftcatid smallint Full-text catalog identifier.
NAME sysname Name of the full-text catalog.
PATH nvarchar(260) Physical location of the full-text catalog root directory. NULL indicates the default directory determined during installation. (This is the Ftdata subdirectory under the Microsoft® SQL Server™ directory; for example, C:\Mssql\Ftdata.)
STATUS integer Full-text index population status of the catalog:

0 = Idle
1 = Full population in progress
2 = Paused
3 = Throttled
4 = Recovering
5 = Shutdown
6 = Incremental population in progress
7 = Building index
8 = Disk is full. Paused
9 = Change tracking

NUMBER_FULLTEXT_TABLES integer Number of full-text indexed tables associated with the catalog.


Execute permissions default to members of the public role.


This example returns information about the Cat_Desc full-text catalog.

USE Northwind
EXEC sp_help_fulltext_catalogs 'Cat_Desc' 

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