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SQL Server 2000

Returns a list of tables that are registered for full-text indexing.


sp_help_fulltext_tables [ [ @fulltext_catalog_name = ] 'fulltext_catalog_name' ]
    [ , [ @table_name = ] 'table_name' ]


[@fulltext_catalog_name =] 'fulltext_catalog_name'

Is the name of the full-text catalog. fulltext_catalog_name is sysname, with a default of NULL. If fulltext_catalog_name is omitted or is NULL, all full-text indexed tables associated with the database are returned. If fulltext_catalog_name is specified, but table_name is omitted or is NULL, the full-text index information is retrieved for every full-text indexed table associated with this catalog. If both fulltext_catalog_name and table_name are specified, a row is returned if table_name is associated with fulltext_catalog_name; otherwise, an error is raised.

[@table_name =] 'table_name'

Is the one- or two-part table name for which the full-text metadata is requested. table_name is nvarchar(517), with a default value of NULL. If only table_name is specified, only the row relevant to table_name is returned.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or (1) failure

Result Sets
Column name Data type Description
TABLE_OWNER sysname Table owner. This is the name of the database user that created the table.
TABLE_NAME sysname Table name.
FULLTEXT_KEY_INDEX_NAME sysname Index imposing the UNIQUE constraint on the column designated as the unique key column.
FULLTEXT_KEY_COLID integer Column ID of the unique index identified by FULLTEXT_KEY_NAME.
FULLTEXT_INDEX_ACTIVE integer Specifies whether columns marked for full-text indexing in this table are eligible for queries:

0 = Inactive
1 = Active

FULLTEXT_CATALOG_NAME sysname Full-text catalog in which the full-text index data resides.


Execute permissions default to members of the public role.


This example returns the names of the full-text indexed tables associated with the Cat_Desc full-text catalog.

USE Northwind
EXEC sp_help_fulltext_tables 'Cat_Desc'

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